Thursday, March 03, 2011

Speak out

It's kinda weird that recently, i actually have the mood for blogging and also the contents for it of course. It's been a long time since I had the passion for it. Maybe because lately, cognitive challenges keep coming, attacking my mind and forcing me to think different, to think, " What if it happens the other way?" I used to be timid and dont dare to speak out. My friends who read this might think: RUBBISH, Christine Wong has always been a very talkative and active girl, ever since we knew each other. Well, that might be true on the outside, I really talking what I was thinking? (You may think about that for yourself too, are you?) What our mouth saying every day, is it really what you are thinking in your head? Or are you just saying it to cover your mistakes/because others said so, so you say like that too?

Are the words you are saying, REPRESENT the soul living inside of you?

To speak whatever your thinking, seems ever so easy. dont have to actually find a way to twist the words or make up a fake story. But why is it then, we always find it so hard, to speak out?

This is not a matter of speaking about "me" all the time, rather, speaking FOR ME. You can always try to hide yourself and blindly agrees what others said. No problem in doing that, no one's gonna condemn you for doing that, and yes, it's legal until a certain extend. But don't you think by doing so, you are actually losing your identity and not using what God has specially spoke to you? By the time you reach the last few moments of your life, won't you be regretting that, why hadn't I speak about my ideas, my opinions which maybe could make a difference to what i had been through? Why hadn't I told what I wanted to say? It's like not going after a dream, but it's worse, because you dont even dare to say it out, what more of doing a concrete action. Don't look down on your thoughts and what you said, they are not merely words, but describes your person as a whole. Being able to speak for yourself is a gift too you know? The DEAF AND DUMB having difficultly doing so!!!!

Though, I'm not instilling the idea that we could always speak whenever we like or whatever that's of our means at anytime. We could speak as in, we should not use words to harm people INTENTIONALLY. That's why people always say Words are sharper than swords. Cause it attacks our mind, rather than physically. Yes, we can use it to condemn people but for GOOD, for them to be better being.

I had been to 2 interviews recently for some positions of clubs. But as i finish and come to think of the objective of going to those interviews, i found out that, i dont actually want those positions that badly. I just went for the sake of...going through an interview. But through these 2 interviews (Of course i've been through other interviews before but these 2 showed me great contrast in speaking out), I had learn about speaking out what I am thinking! In my first interview, I didn't speak for myself. I was faking everything up. Saying stuffs that pleases people, instead of what i actually think and wanted. I felt very sad for myself right after that. So during the 2nd interview, I decided to speak what I really think. It may not be as good, as pleasing, as standard or as well-planned, nor it meets the expectations of interviewers, but I know I am not lying. I am presenting myself out there. Telling people, who I really am, what i really did and my ideas. The result? I'm not sure how would it turn out, maybe i'll get it, maybe i wont, but for one thing i can be sure is that, it's my first step of SPEAKING OUT FOR MYSELF. And i'm soooooooo sure to tell you that - It feels really good! :D

To speak boldly and courageously. To speak sincerely. If you think speaking out would make this world a better place, don't lose the chance.

"What one spoke may not be absolutely right, may not be as well comprehend, but if he speaks from his heart, he speaks from what his conscience told him it's right, nothing else could compare with it."
- what i thought today. :)

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