Sunday, April 17, 2011

Of crossing a frozen lake

Will my plans work?
Will I be successful in 10 years time?
Will you still talk to me after a month?
Is he/she the one God has specially prepared for me?
Will I die tomorrow?
What lies in my future?
As full of fortuitous surprises as it can be, Life, as how we've known it (or maybe we don't), is filled with gazillions of uncertainties too. And by this, it is emphasized on the negative side.

I have always wanted to be involved in the business world. Wall street, stock markets, trading, business tactics, contracts, profits....and of course, alongside with the luxurious life it promises, comes the risks, the uncertainties. This is the part that made me that close to the business world, yet never had the chance to step into it until now. No, it's, never have the GUTS to even land on the surface that planet. Maybe, it's the fear of failure and losing everything you've got from the effort and hard work you've put in. Working like a mad dog, day and night for years, just to earn a considerably satisfying sum of money, reputation and achievements; yet, all can blown into scraps, within a matter of days, hours, minutes, milliseconds.

An inevitable fact of life - Hard work is not directly proportional to the results. There's always the unexplained and unforeseen parts ready to jump out and get you even when you thought your plans are perfect, crash-proof. But many times, we would rather just blindfold ourselves with an imaginary cloth - routines, relationships etc - clinging hard to a principle of "IF only I had work hard enough, then this would not have happened." The regrets, is it what we really deserve? Or are we just purely not in the luck?

More often than probably not, we go through our daily lives without knowing what are the consequences of our next step. Some might be very alert and fully anticipate in their next step, tip-toeing away while some just dont give a damn, barge, stomp, run...on the ice, either intentionally or unintentionally. The truth is, no one knows how thick the ice below our feet really is. It may had looked exactly the same from the surface. Flat, open space, welcoming(???) but who knows, some parts are as thick as 10 metres while some are as thin as a paper. The ending of that story is only unveiled the second you are in/on it. So, if you are careful enough, you may cross the lake successfully. You are certainly allowed to congratulate yourself for being alive until that point. If not, you'll just drop into the icy, cold water, being drown to death or suffer from hypothermia.

A man walks on the frozen River Thames, February 1947(PA Wire)

If only, if only.... we have the ability to foresee the future or perhaps, have a grasp on the tiniest bit of it, a peek, or maybe a rough sketch of it, maybe, we would have been more prepared. Just maybes, and perhaps...that's all i can say.

If you are somehow stranded in the middle of that lake, why not take a step of faith (well you can't actually leap right? That's just a moronic act of increasing your risk of dropping on a frozen lake), rather than standing at the same spot and wait for spring to come. Or maybe, just have a trustworthy person ever ready beside you, so when the unintentional accident happened, no fears... :)

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