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SDMC Hospital Attachment Day 1 & 2

So, here am I with NgZiXuan going for a hospital attachment again, partly to find some isi for personal statement which is pending to be hand in soon yet still not a single idea in my mind what to write; and partly, to spend our semester break WISELY instead of FB-ing the whole week away. Yeap, this is my first holiday away from home since i came over here last year. The original plan of touring around Malacca, Johor then down to Singapore was cancelled all because of this attachment. I shall not complain about it and pretend that all these are important for the sake of my future.
The duration for this attachment is same as last time, 5 days but a pretty short one, there's only like 2-3 hours per day in a department including A&E, Pharmacy, Endoscopy, Diagnosis, Imaging and Laboratory. Of course, the facilities available in this hospital are not to be compared with my last attachment's hospital, which is Miri General Hospital's (MGH). Bear in mind, SDMC is a private "wealthy" hospital, fully equipped with high-end machines and technologies, needless to say the proficiency of man-power available. Of course, your pocket would have to be loaded with cash or card even before the thought of stepping into their doors appear in your mind. Though, I believe the trade is fair. :)

Day 1: A&E
So, Day 1 (which is yesterday), 2 of us and another girl from PM19, Suet Yin, reported ourselves with Ms Ety. Being totally clueless, we were briefed about the itineraries. Given a booklet which is suppose to be signed by each department's head, letter of authorization and a "student attachment" tag. :) But what is different this time is, we get to wear our labcoats! :) hehehehe....this makes us looks more professional, but with empty heads... :( haha! I had borrowed my roomate's labcoat because mine looked seriously terrible. (with the yellow and black spots all around, hey, that shows I am actually doing something k!?)

So we went to A&E, surprisingly smaller than MGH's, but definitely have the ambient of a typical hospital (very clean-look and machine's beeping sound in the background). There's 2 section in this dept, 1 part is the normal emergency section which caters to the need of not-so-urgent cases like flu, fever, cough.... and another part is Resus room. This is where all those bloody or serious cases go. I'm not sure why, the A&E here seems pretty peaceful and quiet, not to say that I actually wish something would happen, but i'm not sure whether it is the money factor or monday is just another mundane, boring day... There were cases like spine injuries, "accidental" consumption of chlorox(bleach), myocardial infarction & heart attack (which are the common ones) and some, (i dont know what happened to them as we werent given any proper explanation) just came in with their hands pressing on the forehead, looking dizzy....
Most people rushed in in tears and pain. But there's a lady ( i recognised her by her Mercedes, let's just call her the Mers Lady) who was rushed in, but still smilling; when sent over to the operation theater, the smile hasn't fade. What a cheerful person :)

To be truthful, we've got nothing much to see, because it's a private hospital, customers' got their privacy and all those craps, so....we are not allowed to see much and of course, because we're only pre-u students, so..... Though i was considered the most lucky one among 3 of us - i get to see how they rescued a heart attack guy. (I felt bad for saying i'm lucky to be able to see :( )
The guy came in with heart pain so he went and lie in the resus room, suddenly, his whole body shakes and the heartbeat machine beaps like mad then he was unconscious. (apologies for the weird way of describing the whole situation, just a premed here.. :p) The doctors and nurses rushed over and start sticking some gel thing on his chest and did the "defibrillation" thingy to get him back. It was very nervous and tense moment, well just a few seconds. But within these few seconds, if the doctors werent there, or that guy hasn't report even when he had the heart pain, he might be still at home and when he fainted, no one could help him right? So, that few seconds is like the critical moment for the matter of life and death. fortunately, he woke up again. But he doesnt seem to know he fainted....only when the doctor told him, he knew about it... hmmm... I heard later, it was due to some blockage in heart vessels, they had to send him for operation as soon as possible. but definitely have to get his consent first (or something like that...) because it involved not only his safety but also, the huge amount of money.... O.o
That was like the most interesting part of Day 1.... hhmmm....not as interesting as MGH's A&E, which is like...mad and packed with patients.... O.O

Day 2: Pharmacy
Today's session is in the afternoon. Without much expectation (didnt visit pharmacy last attachment), we just "barge" into the pharmacy of South Tower. I can say, it looked very different from the other side of the counter. We, as customers, are always on the other side, paying money, listening to the instructions regarding prescription..yadi yada bla bla blah.... but actually, there's a lot of stuff that's behind the scene one... Many pharmacist and technicians working at the back, searching for drugs and send them here and there.... Believe me, when you see more than 1000++ types of drugs back there, you'll be dizzy...Plus, having about 10 people squeezed into a small space... blah!!! O.O All those drug names are like ALIEN LANGUAGE (pardon me!! ;P) can't understand many of them, but there was a few which is familiar enough la, like rifamycin, penicillin... The lady who briefed us said, she has been working in this small space for 5 years, yet she still cant remember where exactly is every single type of drugs located, and she didnt even know some of they existed! Saw some pharmacist compounding drugs, but the drugs are not synthesized there...they are supplied directly.. and then the "chargers"(prescription counter) are also busy as what we've seen usually with super long queues..... Mad place.... haha but still organised in its own way.

They have this machine, :p forgot the name, like a tube thing...which i think is very cool.
It's for sending tubes for drugs and notes from other floors directly to pharmacy and vice versa... so nurses dont have to run up and down anymore. :D I know my drawing's bad, but wait till you see my handwriting.. (luckily we can type to blog, not write.. )

Talking about doctor's handwriting, the technician with us today did complained about it. hahaha...she showed us a note by the doctor saying types of drugs to be prescribed. WHO KNOWS WHAT THE DOCTOR WROTE? It wasnt even recognizable as our latin alphabets!!! ...yes, it was really that bad.... So i asked her how she knows what is written, she replied, experience and non-stop reconfirmation. So the myth about how bad a doctor's handwriting is is true.
We were told about cytotoxic drugs reconstitution (CDR) which is used for chemotherapy, fyi, SDMC known for its oncology... :) Was very impressed by the "armors" they had to put on being going into the "clean room" to prepare the drugs...

It ended in an hour because the technician was rushing back home. So, zi xuan and I, being the usual curiosity-filled duo, with the desire to venture around deeply rooted in us.....decide to have a look around before going back.. We took the lift, went to the basement and went to the....mortuary.
It has always been a mystery to me how it will look like. But guess what... you are allowed to laugh for the following part
The mortuary was at the end of the basement, not a single living person was around. We decided to walk near the door. When we were like 5 m away from the doctor, i suddenly feel the chill rushing up my spine. I stopped, stared at the door, turn around and RUN AWAY!!!!! AHAHAHHAHA.....such a coward right?! hahaha....I have no idea why was i so scared too. Come to think of it, i still dont know why were we so afraid, it's just dead bodies!!! =.=" Shall blame it to the influence of GHOST MOVIES all around nowadays.... I hope no CCTV catches our stupid acts... haha.... Can not, must overcome this fear. I'll find a way......... ;)

Here's a link to my previous attachment's post, if any of you are wondering: Link

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