Friday, April 15, 2011

SDMC Hospital Attachment Day 5

Day 5: Laboratory

Today, disappointment. Pessimistic. No, when you are in my shoes, perhaps you would do the same thing too? Started off with a happy morning, my roomate, Felicia and I went to play badminton in the playground nearby. It has been a while since I last exercise and sweat properly. Sweating(through exercise) somehow makes me feel like stress is shedding away at the same time. Soothing... :) Though, i was quite amused at how awkward is it for Felicia trying to do cha-cha with the aunty doing line-dancings at the side while playing badminton with me...

Then, rush to college to do the interfaith dialogue registration thing. GOT SHOCK BY THE SUPER SUPER LOUSY RESULTS FOR TRIALS. Depressed. Sad. Wanted to cry. No tears. Even sad. So when i reach hospital, my brain is like totally blank. Then started complaining non-stop to Zi Xuan. (sorreh! i just need a way to express the disappointment)

Went for laboratory. It's most like a "museum-visit" rather than attachment. =.=" The person just brought us from lab to labs and told us what they do inside then move on to the next. Not going to go into details, they just said something about chromosomes, testing blood, urine, HIV virus, hepatitis antibodies, pre-natal test, FISH test, blood bank...I'm not very sure what is she talking, cause the person spoke in a very soft voice, almost in audible. =.=" I didnt bother to ask much questions too, though did ask a few, cause I was really not in the mood.

Spend 30 minutes writing report for these 5 days and my opinions on SDMC. In the difficulties faced and improvements needed to be made part, I wrote: We keep losing our way. Need more signboards.

BLAH! Tired. I need a rest. gonna start STUDYING. 23 days to AS Finals.
May God bless all of us with wisdom.

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