Sunday, April 10, 2011

Vanity in disguised

Recently, I had realize a trend among fb-ers, especially among girls. It's not wrong to take your own photo, show others your pretty and sunshine-ish smile, who knows it might just cheer someone's day up or maybe, your secret stalkers/admirers' ones up (well, free desktop wallpaper/whatever you name it) haha...
*the following part is not to offend anyone...*

Then...this idiotic trend came up - totally meaningless quotations below your pictures without any sense, but OBVIOUSLY, just to show your vanity.

You want to show you're vain, go ahead, please...why degrade those nice quotes?! What has it gotta do with your photos?!!?!?!
Ok let's see...A photo of a nice pretty young lady, with great smile who would have melt anyone's heart...
then then stupid quotes.. (garh..can't think of any suitable ones for example..cause if i put it here, it might just coincidentally be under someone's profile picture which i dont intend to offend)
Just something that's totally irrelevant..

Okays, it's your picture anyways, I would stop being a busybody/"fake" critics/grumbling now. You know how people with nothing to do and no life always does. And today's Christine Wong is a very good example of that. HAahaha

Happy Holidays CALians!!!
It's a busy holiday ahead of mee.....weee~~

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