Thursday, May 26, 2011

9 Down, 4 more to go!

The pressure is obviously less now... :D Done with 3 weeks of exams and 2 more weeks to go...only practicals and paper 1s. I guessed i've been stuck in this room and exam venues for more than 4 weeks now (plus revision period). This is crazy. Any sane people would turn insane if this continues for few more months.

Today's chemistry practical marks the end of our LABCOAT DAYS :D (At least for college) Half happy: because no more practical exams. Half sad: Can't mess around with chemicals and scalpel and forceps anymore. booo.... Next week is our last physics practical exam. Dont know how will it go. Anxious? Not that fast, let me kick off that exam battle suit and turn off that mode for a day...need a break man, seriously. This is somehow a test of patience and perseverance rather than of knowledge. I wonder what other courses have exam period as long as A levels?

All my house mates (except my classmate) just started their exam few days ago, and today, THEY ARE ALL PACKING TO GO BACK. Sheeeeessshhhh...And I'm stuck with 2 weeks of exams ahead despite struggling for so long. Nevermind. Nevermind. Had trained up my hypnotic skills for this period of time. Good at hypnotizing my roommate and myself. No fears. She must have thought I've gone insane for repeating "You'll do well. I'll do well. We'll all do well. This is GREAT!!! I love statistics yeehaaa..." all day long. (I know you are reading this. :P you can shut me up if you like, but instilling optimism in you while providing laughters in between your cramming sessions is good for you, be grateful!)

*yawn* boring stuffs.

Sharing a video for anyone looking for inspirations:

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