Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Do you ever have the moment - when dreams and goals suddenly become so clear? Clouds of blurry thoughts and doubts, on your capabilities, your personality, your family, your surroundings and just you, being you, suddenly vanish? There, your goal. What you are after. What that have been so subtle all these while. What you are trying so hard to grip on but never seem to work. But, now, it's here. This is what you are going to do for life. This is what you are going to be passionate about and never regret about it. Though it is a choice you've made during your youth, but you know, this is the best decision EVER. (No, i'm certainly not high on drugs and entirely sober)

And suddenly, those hobbies or activities that are going on, doesnt seem very constructive and insignificant to whatever you are going to do. Your interest in all other fields of life falls off. Though the dream may be small, and you can't describe it in words, at least, you are willing to figure it out. No, I will never regret about this.

What are those efforts all these years? Are they just going to be efforts in vain? Maybe some of them are, but I'm sure most of them reaffirm what I had in my mind. If it's yours, no matter how hard you tried to escape from it, it will just come back to you, whether you like it or not. I thought I was the point of no turning back because I was forced to take it, accept the fact that, this is Life as it is. And is this the moment my prayer has been answer? Could not be absolutely sure yet, but one thing I could be sure is, I am now at the point of no turning back, not because of under force or tolerance to reality, but as a person who is so eager to live it out because I have this good feeling and that tiny voice inside saying, this is your life, it's gonna be good. You'll like it.

It's something like faith in God. Believing without seeing literally. But you just know His there.


Remember this moment. And vow to never forget it.


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amyir Mark II said...

ok, saya memang dah lama tak ziarah blog ini. habiskan 30 minit speed reading post lalu. trip ke langkawi paling menarik.
kalau ada masa , datanglah ke melaka utk tambahkan traffic jam di sana!

cantikkan my new gf tu? hehe ....
amy - chung hua