Monday, July 18, 2011

First Photo-shooting session

Went for my first ever photo-shooting session yesterday at Bandar Botanic, Klang with my ex-SAM classmate, Kit Shen. yay! Actually we were just doing a favour for a friend's friend to take photos for personal interest. Since I rarely have a chance (or actually never before) to go for a proper outdoor photo-shooting, I just tag along, and 'steal' some skills from the pros. There were 4 other photographers with us. Though, i admit, it was crazy, to travel this far, at this hour of the day (1.30 - 3pm) on a cloudless hot day, for an outdoor photoshoot. Had a severe headache after that. But not regretting, had a quite satisfying session. :D

one of the very few patches of clouds you can see on that sunny afternoon

This is Angeline.
Nice smile.

Being the usual mischievous teenagers, we purposely woke this cat up. Yawns like a tiger! :D

I've uploaded many other photos on my facebook. Please view them there.

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