Thursday, July 14, 2011

Palm reading

Once, there is a young couple. Both of them are 20 years old. Out of boredom, they decided to go for palm reading at the road side stall by that well-known palm-reader, who locals called him APEK. He is known to be very very very very accurate, especially interpretations on relationships matters.

They both sat down in front of Apek and the guy decided to go first. He lay his hands on the table, palms up, revealing all those fine lines on his hand, which will mystically reveal his future under Apek's interpretation.
After 5 minutes,
"So apek, how is it?"
"Hmmm...." apek frowned while looking even closer at his palm, "You have found your true love one year ago."
The guy smiled and looked at his pretty girlfriend who sat beside him. Yes, it was exactly one year ago, on his 19th birthday, they met each other and he fell for her since then. This apek is really good at this, he thought.
"Darling, your turn." So the girl put her hand on the table and let apek read.
The guy couldn't wait no more to know the results, so he started asking enthusiastically for the answer after while..
"How is it? how is it?" His eyes shinning.
"Girl, you will meet your true love exactly 10 years from now."


thought of this while I was in the washroom....hahaha....

Another funny joke about palm happened during chemistry class today.
"Why is palmitic acid called palmitic acid?" Mr Lucas asked.
"Because it is contained in palm oil."
"Why is palm oil called palm oil?"
"Obviously because it's from a palm tree."
"Why is it called a palm tree then?"

"Because it looks like a palm."

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