Friday, August 26, 2011

Random #4

Something's wrong with me. Lost my "appetite" for taiwanese lovey-dovey series. I was sitting in an empty library, reading a serious book, right after the excruciating weeks of trial exam. And enjoying it to bits. O.o

(ok maybe not right after, cause i went for shopping! can't believe the sales, it's 70% omgomgomgomg).

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Learning with humility

Recently, I had a chat with a brilliant friend of mine whom I think is totally superb, genius and knows everything on the surface of this planet. She's pretty, kind, charismatic and, don't ever doubt her leadership capabilities. While I wonder if there is anybody else as perfect as her, I could not help but asked, "You received tonnes of compliments like...everyday right? How do you feel about them? What makes you so SMART AND AWESOME?!"

She laughed at my question. "No, I am not as perfect you think I am. There are many stuffs that I could not do too. But I pray to God and trust Him. He will provide, he will, believe me. Also, always have the passion to learn." To learn, she reminded me to never be afraid to ask and question until you got the answer you want. Never mind the scoldings, the insults, being look-down upon., never mind if people around are thousands times smarter than you, never mind if you are not born a genius..Focus on the purpose - To learn! Do not let fear and shyness hinder your thirst for knowledge. Be humble and work diligently because there is really no boundary to knowledge. Everyone is equal in this field, we all learn from each other.:)

A wise man never knows everything, only fools know everything.

p/s: Just a short post to keep this blog alive, some more to continue for this post after exam.... Having A2 trials now. Will regain freedom after this weeek!!!! :D

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Jog For Hope

I went for Jog for Hope with my ex-SAM classamtes, 2 Sundays ago. Luckily I managed to register!! :D (I missed it last year and regretted so much.) It's a 6km charity run organised by Taylor's College.
Taylor's College Sri Hartamas Campus
Didnt get the t shrit. arrived too late. =.=

Siok yee, who came back from Melbourne for break also came!! :)
It has been really long since we last talked. So happy to see that 38 siao po there.
And these 2 horny looking perverts.. Sean and cheng mun
Wye Hong act emo after the run.
The finish line!!!
My time was 37 minutes for 6km.
It was quite an easy run but the hilly parts were really tiring.

The race to the finish line was not the focus, instead, the time we spent catching up about how interesting and different our lives are after SAM is the most cherish-able moment of that day.

After this, I wonder when will we all meet again....

The Mad House I'm staying in

I realise after so long I havent had any single posts about this house I stay in. There's only 5 of us in this house, a very rare number in rented accommodations in Subang Jaya. Normally there are at least 10 to even 20 plus residents in one house here. So, our bonds are quite strong!! :D
This is how lovable my roomate is. :D
And this is how CARING i am. HEehehhehee

Felicia, is the best room mate you could ever ask for in this world (so am I to her, HAHA :p) She's studying MBBS First Year so it's no surprise our room is filled with weird stuffs: Anatomy books, lab coats, stethoscope, pen torch, drawings.... Having her as my room mate has given me an exclusive chance of being exposed to life as a medical student this early...which I fancy but not soooo much at the same time....everyday see her study nia. but the stuffs she works on are always very interesting.
She just got her stethoscope. No harm having a camwhoring session right?
That's zi xuan, my housemate and also my classmate. Thank God she's not my room mate or else I will have to face her 24/7. HAHA. But yea, it's nice having a classmate at home to remind you to study and finish your homework on time.
"You hear that? My heart skipped a beat when I see you...."
Yea, my room mate and i have really weird relationship.

If I am a patient, I will keep a distance from doctor like this.
This is another housemate of mine. Her name is Rui Jing. SAM student, one year younger. But equally crazy and very friendly too.
She was so happy because of the pink stethoscope she borrowed from her bf, who is also a MBBS student. Hehehehe... crazy.
Act cute

There's actually another housemate, but she rarely talk to us. Sad.

So there, my 3 crazy housemates, people whom i spent most of my nights in this house with, laughing like crazy over almost everything till midnight in my room. How can you be stressed with people like these surrounding you every day? Or maybe, how can you not?...hehe..our time together is running out very soon and i will definitely miss them very much.
I love my housemates <3

Friday, August 05, 2011

Random #3

Glad even though totally exhausted physically but mind still in hyper state. Can't wait to rest so I can get back to my work as soon as possible. :D
Having interest in stuffs are you working on really does matter.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Doing so many mechanics questions recently. Feeling so dizzy over all those inclined planes, normal forces, weights, tension, pulley, arrows here and there...everywhere. == But dont know why, while I was doing another question on cycling up an inclined plane this morning, an image flashed through my mind, something which I had long forgotten. it was nothing significant, but something special from my childhood.

I stay in an area with hills around back in my hometown. Usually, we have to go down this very very steep hill on the way back home. Mom used to just let go the accelerator and intervally pressed on the brake, letting the car "run free" down the hill. I remember I'll go "weeeee~~" as we go down and down, just like sliding down a hugeeeee slide.

Thank God for blessing me with Mom, who has given me so much freedom for me to travel around even as a child. I guess that's how my fetish for adventures developed. I like to travel around, to new places and meet new people, without plans most of the time. I don't mind travelling alone (In fact i love it) but I do enjoy having companies too. Back to my memory.

There was once I decided to cycle to a playground at the top of the hill by myself. The hill is steep. I always had a hard time cycling up and ended up pushing my bicycle up.
The playground was actually quite deserted, run-down, one usually plays there because there was a house nearby which my childhood friends told me it's haunted. I dont believe them. It's just unoccupied for very long. The playground is not like what you see here in West Malaysia. It's rare: The slides and seesaws are made from hard woods, dark coloured one, unlike the striking coloured and plastic ones you can see over here. Many of them were covered by fungi. There were many big old willow trees there, giving the playground nice shade in the afternoons. Oh ya, and the swing!! It was made of old car tyre. I love the swing most!!! Most of the time, I would stared at the "flame of the forest' on those trees for old hours and day dream on the swing for hours and enjoyed the peace and serenity that only exist in this small "private" playground of mine. And also the breeze..... need me to say more... I would swing and swing and swing...until the sky was dark and it's time to go home.

I would position my bicycle straight down that hill, gripped really tight onto the handle and WHOOSSSHHHH cycle down the hill really really really fast.... :D

Those afternoons...those afternoons. I was really young back then. I knew nothing much about the outside world. Studies were the last thing on my mind. No facebook. No internet. No conflicts and diagreements with others. Just all by myself....Somehow business of current life made me stored this particular moment of mine deep in my mind somewhere and came back to remind me about how much have I grown all these years and all those stuffs I have been through.

Of course, I am still growing and will never cease until the day this life ends. Memories are therefore continue to be created and stored into my mind, wishfully not only about work and studies, but of the humanistic side of this life I am blessed with, both good and bad times.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Katharine McPhee - Terrified ft. Zachary Levi