Saturday, August 06, 2011

Jog For Hope

I went for Jog for Hope with my ex-SAM classamtes, 2 Sundays ago. Luckily I managed to register!! :D (I missed it last year and regretted so much.) It's a 6km charity run organised by Taylor's College.
Taylor's College Sri Hartamas Campus
Didnt get the t shrit. arrived too late. =.=

Siok yee, who came back from Melbourne for break also came!! :)
It has been really long since we last talked. So happy to see that 38 siao po there.
And these 2 horny looking perverts.. Sean and cheng mun
Wye Hong act emo after the run.
The finish line!!!
My time was 37 minutes for 6km.
It was quite an easy run but the hilly parts were really tiring.

The race to the finish line was not the focus, instead, the time we spent catching up about how interesting and different our lives are after SAM is the most cherish-able moment of that day.

After this, I wonder when will we all meet again....

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