Sunday, August 21, 2011

Learning with humility

Recently, I had a chat with a brilliant friend of mine whom I think is totally superb, genius and knows everything on the surface of this planet. She's pretty, kind, charismatic and, don't ever doubt her leadership capabilities. While I wonder if there is anybody else as perfect as her, I could not help but asked, "You received tonnes of compliments like...everyday right? How do you feel about them? What makes you so SMART AND AWESOME?!"

She laughed at my question. "No, I am not as perfect you think I am. There are many stuffs that I could not do too. But I pray to God and trust Him. He will provide, he will, believe me. Also, always have the passion to learn." To learn, she reminded me to never be afraid to ask and question until you got the answer you want. Never mind the scoldings, the insults, being look-down upon., never mind if people around are thousands times smarter than you, never mind if you are not born a genius..Focus on the purpose - To learn! Do not let fear and shyness hinder your thirst for knowledge. Be humble and work diligently because there is really no boundary to knowledge. Everyone is equal in this field, we all learn from each other.:)

A wise man never knows everything, only fools know everything.

p/s: Just a short post to keep this blog alive, some more to continue for this post after exam.... Having A2 trials now. Will regain freedom after this weeek!!!! :D

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Grayquill said...

Pride for sure limits our growth. It sounds you are a life learner - I like that. Good post.