Saturday, August 06, 2011

The Mad House I'm staying in

I realise after so long I havent had any single posts about this house I stay in. There's only 5 of us in this house, a very rare number in rented accommodations in Subang Jaya. Normally there are at least 10 to even 20 plus residents in one house here. So, our bonds are quite strong!! :D
This is how lovable my roomate is. :D
And this is how CARING i am. HEehehhehee

Felicia, is the best room mate you could ever ask for in this world (so am I to her, HAHA :p) She's studying MBBS First Year so it's no surprise our room is filled with weird stuffs: Anatomy books, lab coats, stethoscope, pen torch, drawings.... Having her as my room mate has given me an exclusive chance of being exposed to life as a medical student this early...which I fancy but not soooo much at the same time....everyday see her study nia. but the stuffs she works on are always very interesting.
She just got her stethoscope. No harm having a camwhoring session right?
That's zi xuan, my housemate and also my classmate. Thank God she's not my room mate or else I will have to face her 24/7. HAHA. But yea, it's nice having a classmate at home to remind you to study and finish your homework on time.
"You hear that? My heart skipped a beat when I see you...."
Yea, my room mate and i have really weird relationship.

If I am a patient, I will keep a distance from doctor like this.
This is another housemate of mine. Her name is Rui Jing. SAM student, one year younger. But equally crazy and very friendly too.
She was so happy because of the pink stethoscope she borrowed from her bf, who is also a MBBS student. Hehehehe... crazy.
Act cute

There's actually another housemate, but she rarely talk to us. Sad.

So there, my 3 crazy housemates, people whom i spent most of my nights in this house with, laughing like crazy over almost everything till midnight in my room. How can you be stressed with people like these surrounding you every day? Or maybe, how can you not?...hehe..our time together is running out very soon and i will definitely miss them very much.
I love my housemates <3

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