Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Doing so many mechanics questions recently. Feeling so dizzy over all those inclined planes, normal forces, weights, tension, pulley, arrows here and there...everywhere. == But dont know why, while I was doing another question on cycling up an inclined plane this morning, an image flashed through my mind, something which I had long forgotten. it was nothing significant, but something special from my childhood.

I stay in an area with hills around back in my hometown. Usually, we have to go down this very very steep hill on the way back home. Mom used to just let go the accelerator and intervally pressed on the brake, letting the car "run free" down the hill. I remember I'll go "weeeee~~" as we go down and down, just like sliding down a hugeeeee slide.

Thank God for blessing me with Mom, who has given me so much freedom for me to travel around even as a child. I guess that's how my fetish for adventures developed. I like to travel around, to new places and meet new people, without plans most of the time. I don't mind travelling alone (In fact i love it) but I do enjoy having companies too. Back to my memory.

There was once I decided to cycle to a playground at the top of the hill by myself. The hill is steep. I always had a hard time cycling up and ended up pushing my bicycle up.
The playground was actually quite deserted, run-down, one usually plays there because there was a house nearby which my childhood friends told me it's haunted. I dont believe them. It's just unoccupied for very long. The playground is not like what you see here in West Malaysia. It's rare: The slides and seesaws are made from hard woods, dark coloured one, unlike the striking coloured and plastic ones you can see over here. Many of them were covered by fungi. There were many big old willow trees there, giving the playground nice shade in the afternoons. Oh ya, and the swing!! It was made of old car tyre. I love the swing most!!! Most of the time, I would stared at the "flame of the forest' on those trees for old hours and day dream on the swing for hours and enjoyed the peace and serenity that only exist in this small "private" playground of mine. And also the breeze..... need me to say more... I would swing and swing and swing...until the sky was dark and it's time to go home.

I would position my bicycle straight down that hill, gripped really tight onto the handle and WHOOSSSHHHH cycle down the hill really really really fast.... :D

Those afternoons...those afternoons. I was really young back then. I knew nothing much about the outside world. Studies were the last thing on my mind. No facebook. No internet. No conflicts and diagreements with others. Just all by myself....Somehow business of current life made me stored this particular moment of mine deep in my mind somewhere and came back to remind me about how much have I grown all these years and all those stuffs I have been through.

Of course, I am still growing and will never cease until the day this life ends. Memories are therefore continue to be created and stored into my mind, wishfully not only about work and studies, but of the humanistic side of this life I am blessed with, both good and bad times.

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wen said...

hi! nope, you do not know me and so do i. but just wanna tell ya, i enjoy reading your post. ;)