Monday, September 05, 2011

Leisure reads

I bought this book at a book fair recently at only RM19.90, discounted price. It's hard cover! :D
I'm sure many of you have heard about Paulo Coelho before. I'm still..somewhere in the middle. It does not start well, as in, did not really grab my attention in the beginning. So, was reading in a very very lagging pace. Then it started to get really interesting somewhere 100. It's about how people always wanted fame, power and wealth in life, about winningall the time, until the extend of willing to kill to achieve your goals. (This is the part which it talks about the amazing martial arts of Russians by killing with only a grip on the shoulder with a bare hand by pressing on the jugular vein and thus blocking the blood flow to the brain.Victim dies within 7 seconds. O.o) It amazes me in such a way that, it mirrors the reality of life so precisely. For instance, in the list of 46 items which is considered as the features of being an average person, this is one of them: Despising anything that was easy to achieve because if no sacrifice was involved, it obviously isn't worth anything. (pierced my mind when i read this part..hahaha) Or how bout this: Postponing doing the really interesting things in life for later, when you won't have the energy. Literally laughed at this part....It's so, true.
There....taking my day off running around the island and hide under the blanket to read. :D

This is another book that I have just finished during this holiday. (Happy me. Haven't have much time reading books i really like. hehe) blink by Malcolm Gladwell. I found this book randomly in the library and "the power of thinking without thinking" immediately captured my attention. I thought how is this possible? Well, it turns out, it is really possible and we are actually doing it all the time. It's called snap judgement, or more commonly, first impression. Malcolm explained how we can make decisions based on what we normally called "sixth sense" and have no idea why we can make that correct decision. It is part of the thin-slicing process and based on the foundation of our experiences and knowledge before. Snap judgement most believed to be the infamous cause of "The Warren Harding Error". So, it may be the answer to why I always have this ticklish feeling when making decisions and even when answering questions during exams. It's like when I answer wrongly, i know it's wrong, but I just don't know why is it wrong and how can i correct it. dumb dumb. anyway, good book. recommended, if you are interested in this psycho psycho kinda topics.

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