Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Changed plans

Lately, there have been lots of photos from my friends on facebook about their new uni life. Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland...everywhere. It keeps me thinking, how funny and surprising life can be?

My initial plan after Form 5 was to get into any Australia Uni (which I was truly satisfied with that at that moment) and finish my degree as soon as possible then get a job and earn money, get married, start a family, raise kids then die. Even the first step was, not to say wrong, but did not go according to plans. I was not admitted into the University of Queensland (just for the record) into the faculty of dentistry using my sucky forecast results. There was only 2 places for international students from all over the world. Oh well. Then my education adviser asked me to consider about SAM. I have never thought I would be continuing my studies in West Malaysia before, just give it a try, might be an adventure. Hopefully by the end of that year, i could then go back to my initial plan, go to Australia, finish my degree as soon as possible then get a job.......

Then another changed of plan occur when my results was out. I was supposed to go to Dublin, Ireland. After that my path was...altered again. yadayadayada...lots of stories. Anyway, I saw my friends in Dublin, starting their first year in MBBS and thought, I was supposed to be there right? I was suppose to leave this place within a year right? And why am I still nearing 2 years already? What happened to my plan????

Indeed, God has His own plans and we could do nothing to change that. This 2 years have been 2 most remarkable years of my 19 years life. I have met lots more types of people than i would ever imagine, had my personality twisted again and again (now still trying to settle down), tossed here and there, been through many events that somehow affected me intellectually, emotionally and not to forget, spiritually. Time can really change things. I always thought, what can 1 more year change? That's why I chose SAM over CAL, because I do not see the difference, but now I do. That 1 more year, showed and taught me many lessons that I believe would prepare me better for my future. "Why rush in to the working sphere?" I used to replied in a rather annoyed manner, "Because I want to earn money lah!!! study so much for what?!" But now, I realise that is not entirely the case. Yes, finishing the degree fast can free you into the working sphere and earn money but am I really ready to work? Without being properly equipped with strong foundations and certain state of maturity, I will be not be a "good enough" person to make significant contributions to the field of my interest, but..just another work force. I do not mean "just another work force" is totally bad, they do contribute to our society, they are the elements that keep our society going and our nation developing. But, why, when God blesses you with the gift of looking beyond that, you choose to hide away? Live it up for His glory!

This 2 years have showed me, I can be more than just what I thought I would be, of course, with God's grace (or else I would still worth nothing more than a grain of sand). It has also taught me to humble myself under all circumstances. It has taught me, life is not written like the conventional drama scripts, nor it should be the same for everyone. There is not certain model/textbook to follow, we can be as unique as we like, whether in work or relationships. That is why we should not compare. One should not blame his environment for his own blindness. There's still many opportunities out there waving, how can I shut my doors and pretend not to see them? How can I just hide and continue with my initial plan? No....there's much more in life to be discovered. Since 2 years can have such great impact on me, why then, should I not look forward for the upcoming years of studies?

Now, at least 6 years more? Bring it on. :)

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