Saturday, September 17, 2011

Preps, preps, preps.

Answer all questions. Time allocated: 15 minutes
1. How's it going? [20 marks]
Life is great. Many tests, exams and interviews coming up, all requiring massive amount of readings, memory space and energy. A2, BMAT, UKCAT, Interviews...and who knows what else is going to pop out. Thank God trials was over and my results are, not bad, (hallelujah ~!) but definitely not SATISFYING (to me at least :p) AT ALL. (greed) Of course, I could excuse myself for not doing enough revision due to UCAS and other university application matters, but then again, there is no purpose of putting such excuse. It's done. It's not good enough, means I just did not do well enough, nothing else to put the blame on but *points at self* me. *sigh*

2. Now that you are a super senior, tell me, is Sem 3 awesome? [20 marks]
Yea, I complain a lot, bear with me, that's my only entertainment and way to release stress now. Heh. Enough with those negative thoughts. Semester 3 is literally crazy. My classmates and I were recalling our semester 1 life few days ago during our mid-autumn festival dinner. How i miss those days! Slacking in class, playing pranks, shopping and adventures after classes, trips to other towns on weekends, celebrations after celebrations for no purpose... yet, we still ended up with superb results. ;) But the story is completely different now. Daily shot of caffeine in the morning to keep oneself awake in class, heads to library straight after class ends and do revision until midnight. 8 hours of sleep is a luxury, and what about facebook? Those mere seconds in between classes. Shopping? Adventures? Games? Pranks? Try any of it, you better prepare some super strong stimulants to trade your sleeping/eating/micturating (a new word learnt while nerding just now) time for studies, or else, DIE!!!! just be mentally prepared. Oh forget it, you will do well. :)

3. And those admission tests? [20 marks]
I seriously have no idea how to go through them. The fees are bloody expensive. What to do? Just pray and keep the optimistic thinking going on lo. *I can do it! I can do it! I can do it? Can I do it? Do what?*

4. Give a brief summary of your holiday. [20 marks]
My sis. We do somehow look a bit bit similar right? right?
This is how you spell FATNESS
Just had my 2 weeks holiday and I did not go back to Sarawak though I must admit, it was really eventful! First was GMSJ Camp (which i love the workshops very much and met lots of interesting people in my church whom i have never talked to before despite being there for 2 years now), then marathon movie day, then Singapore (not much shopping, but enjoyed a relaxing and very-stomach-filling trip), then enjoyed couple days of being solitude then TMUN. Many stuffs happened during this conference, which is technically my second conference, and my last conference in TAYMUN (hopefully not MUN), met even more people. I have never been socialising this much since long time ago. We debated about human trafficking which as usual, i have no idea what i was talking about most of the time. Though, it was very interesting because it is an above-18
conference, the level of maturity of the content
during the debate shown by all the delegates in HRC were very impressive. I have never seen delegates really trying to solve a problem by negotiating and cracking their heads to find solutions like a real delegate before. (though i have never seen a real delegate, imagination!! :P) But yea, we were really trying to find new ways of resolving issues, not just copying from what UN has got, rather refer and improvise. Enjoyed a night of dancing at the Republic and also the Party Mixer. Completely embarrassed myself by receiving my awards on stage with mouth full of noodles, nuggets... luckily no photos were taken.

TMUN 2011 UNHRC Committee

5. Describe your current life. [20 marks]
Look at the image in the mirror, what do you see? A nerd. Yes. A lifeless nerd. But who cares?! I do not mind being a nerd for the next 2 months even if that means I have to study 24/7 because I am gonna have a "gap year" after that!! WOOHOO!!!

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