Saturday, October 01, 2011

Does this picture look extremely familiar to you? I mean, to every girl who ever dreamed of becoming a princess one day, and when people asked you about your ambition, you didn't bluntly answer,"I want to be a doctor/teacher etc etc!" instead you screamed,"I am a princess and when I grow up, I will marry a prince and we will live happily ever after together in a castle!!!" *then dance around and wave at the entrance of some imaginary ball* sidetrack a while, my parents and i were having breakfast at some dimsum restaurant this morning and there were two toddlers at the next table. They were yelling for no obvious reasons and banging their plastic plates with forks, yet their parents acted like it's zero decibels there. Talking about inner peace! I bet no one could beat them. So I asked my parents,"I know I'm a monster when I was young, but was I far worse than that? If I was, I am really sorry," "No, you were quiet most of the time, sitting at a side, but the story was completely different when you were left alone at home," this explains why my mom was so deseparate to get me babysit last time. Ok, back to the topic. I could not recognise this at all when I first saw the picture. After moment of "deep" thoughts, the cheek muscles pulled the side of my lips up by themselves. Sticker earrings!!! Tho they look almost identical to the iPhone buttons that are in very high demand of the market currently, these objects, which now seem worthless to many of us, were actually objects I treasured more than gold during the days before pre-school. I would count the number of stickers on my board, hid it in a safe place before I went out to play with my neighbours' kids and when i returned, i would rush to my secret place to ensure my precious collections are safe. Not only these, I had also collected erasers, red packets, coins, stamps, soft toys (until my mom threw them away because these furry friends kept triggering asthma attacks on me) and I guess the most disgusting collection are the deciduous teeth collection. (My own, of course) Some of them are rotten, some in perfect condition and some with weird marks on it. Each representing a hope that the tooth fairy really does exist and slip into my room to replace the teeth with money. I think they are still in my drawers till today. Reminiscing how I used to envy my elder sister and cousins for having the permission to pierce their ear and to wear those shinny, dangling earrings, I looked into the mirror and suddenly realised how big I have actually grown. To have the autonomy over my own body, to pierce any part I like, to wear heals and pretty dresses that actually fit properly, to travel to any destination I like, to enjoy the company of people...
in short, to embrace this world in my own way.

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