Wednesday, October 12, 2011


28 days till BMAT. 16 days till my finals. 15 days till Camb interview. Have been working so hard lately, for too long I guessed, I see the need to "slack" for these 2 days. Yes, the need to slack. Maybe I was moving too fast for too long or pushing too hard, relaxing for a while feels odd to me. I know i should not be slowing down now, not with all those BIG DAYS just around the corner but maybe, i just need a rest.

Sometimes, there's something better than a sleep to rest. Sleep does replenish your physical need for energy but I find hiding under the comforter, reading a non-academic, good book, hugging a soft toy at quiet night like this, does the rejuvenation trick better on me, mentally. (Thanks for my room mate for going off for her holiday, now i have no one to pillow talk to. :( Faster come back.) Some music made the ambiance even better. A little pause at reading. Ah...threw those worries behind for a while and happy, sweet memories with special people in my life flashed through my mind.

I tend to rush things in my daily life. Every single thing. Walking, talking, doing my work. When the efficiency of certain matter/people does not meet my expectation, I tend to get very upset. Only at times like this, when the pace is deliberately slowed down, I find there is indeed no need to rush. Patience. To love, give, help, and expect no return, at all.

It is only at times like this, I reflect and remind myself of the purpose of working so hard all along. Then, procrastination, fatigue and anxiety will be eroded and be replaced by motivations to work. refreshed.

I is happy. :)

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