Sunday, October 02, 2011

Random #9

Following the emo post "Warmth", I have received much "warmth" from friends all around. Thank you so much. However, like I have said at the end of that post, I have recovered from the shock and I was never in the state of being depressed nor going into depression any soon. Yes, I was stressed, but stressed is different from depressed. Failures like that are bound to happen once in awhile, it was only that I did not post every single one of them here. There are times when I weep quietly by myself and times when I keep those mistakes inside. However, for whichever way I chose to handle them, there is one thing for sure: I do not reject failures. Fear not of failing and acknowledge every single mistake you have made but try not to repeat the same mistake. If that happens, it means there are lessons still to be learned. They also serve as reminders for me not to slack in my comfort zone for too long.  Life is a great teacher and undoubtedly, it has proven me through many ways that it is. It has its own way of teaching us to grow. Though I am young, though I may be reckless and careless many times, but I am still learning. All I can say is, pardon me for my mistakes. I promise not to intentionally repeat them again.

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