Wednesday, December 28, 2011


A superb book to recommend to ya all. :)
I was so amazed at how the author tried to counter the skepticism of people nowawdays - the people driven by spirit of REASONING - who tries to reason out every single phenomenon on the surface. 
It's in a Q&A form which the "A" is super long of course and answers questions like "Is there God?", "Explain Miracles", "Is Jesus just a prophet or Son of God?", "Why does God allow sufferings", "Explain the Darwinian Theory and link Science and Christianity.", "What makes Christianity so different from other religions?!" etc etc. I've asked many among these questions before, some, I have yet to ask, but I'm sure I'll encounter them myself soon (others asking me, me asking myself).
The arguments are really solid, concrete, rock-hard, jaw-dropping. Simply amazed.
Timothy Keller is a pastor and founder of Redeemer Presbyterian Church at Manhattan. 
Read it, if you happen to find it and be amazed! :D 


I just turned 19, 3 days ago! Weee~ :D 


RIP to the title "Me, myself and I", named when this blog was first founded in year 2006.
That title seemed a bit..."out of my age now" and I don't feel comfortable blogging about myself any more. It's not that I have found my personality and settled with it. I'm still seeking but life is more and people revolving around me. Besides, I'm more inclined of talking about thoughts than only reporting about certain incidents nowadays. 
With thoughts, born speech then action. 
This blog will now grow from "actions" to "Thought, Speech and Action".
Happy Reading!

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