Thursday, December 29, 2011


You looked at a person sitting right in front of you for a second, then you looked down, not a special thought entered your mind, no special feelings.

Awkward silence for 5 seconds.

You started fumbling with the latest gadget in your palm. 3G's on, good. Let's go on facebook/twitter/blog/whatever social network. You saw your friend's latest photo on the screen then you started smiling by yourself with that pale, white light shone on your face.

You partner across the table looked at you. "What are you smiling at?"
You looked up for a second, "Oh, nothing. Just some photos. Let's take a photo so I can check in."
Both of you smiled at the camera.
Then you continued fumbling on that piece of aluminosilicate. Ah, be careful! You must be really gentle to this thing, not too hard on the screen or it may spoil the screen protector which cost bloody $25, or worse, it may break your swarovski manicure! You looked back on the screen, another funny 9gag photo.

"Oh quit smiling by yourself there! Eat your food!...."
"Shhh..." You put on your earplug, continue scrolling.

We rather focus our attention, offer our smiles and gentleness to the cold, emotionless machines than the people around. What is this?

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