Friday, December 30, 2011

Trendy STALKER Parents

Hi Dad, Mom, I know you guys are reading this but whatever I will mention below, please don't scold me, I'm just...telling the plain truth. :P

My parents are the weirdest pair on earth. Many times, I just couldn't comprehend their mind. Here're a few examples:
Incident 1:
Normal Parents: "Eh! Tomorrow got exam right?! Go study! I send you to tuition!"
My parents: "Eh! Tomorrow got exam right?! Let's go to the beach to enjoy the sunset and de-stress. Want to go shopping? Aiyoooo, don't study liao! You want tuition? No, don't waste money, study on your own!"

Incident 2:
Normal parents: "This test must do good good a! Must get A a! If not..."
My parents: "Aiya, got pass already very good la!"

Incident 3:
Normal parents: "You want ipad?! Useless. No money. Don't need."
My Parents: "Nah, iPad, give you, with pink cover. *I rejected* WHY YOU DON'T WANT!!?? Take it!!! Oi! Take it!"

Incident 4:
And if you ever wonder why am I so hooked to my phone... the following photo should explain everything...
Cutest mom ever!

Incident 5:
During d'NA camp, my dad called...
"Hi, Daddy."
"How are you?"
"Ok ok lo.."
"... I'm in camp, dad."

Then I told mom about this,
"Ma, dad scolded me for not going on facebook during camps."
"YA LO, you didn't update!"
"Why should I update every day?!"
"So we would know you are alive!!!"

Please. Is there something wrong with me or my parents? I felt this is..utterly weird. Trust me, you think it's very fun, but I'm just plain confused most of the times - confused of whether to laugh or to cry. Nonetheless, thank God for my cool parents, I couldn't ask for more.
Please share with me your story if you have stalker/awfully cute/out-of-this-world parents too! :)

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Sounds like awesome people to me :D