Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Being nocturnal

Since the beginning of the holiday year I'm currently, sinfully (for wasting time=life) indulging now, it was expected that I'll turn nocturnal immediately. It's like some sort of biological clock disorder, I'll automatically sleep at 4am and wake up at 12pm once exams are over. Ok well, partly it's because I like to read books at night when the surrounding's absolutely quiet and peaceful, which i am only to sit down and read properly. Or else, it will be like "Once upon a time" *click on FB* "there was a girl" *go toilet* "who has" *do chores* "disability in" *ooh, what's that on tv?" "reading continuously" And when i finally sit down and try to read properly, I was like what did i just read? Let's start from the beginning again and again. Thus, the European Clock I have adopted despite living in this humid, hot country in the east. (My mom thought I'm training myself to get used to the time on the other side of the world so the jet lag will not be so bad by then, but since January? :O )

Sun rise, it's time to sleep! 
Mom showed me an article in the Star this morning, Sleeping beauties in school. It made me laughed *guiltily* inside (My mom taught me in school), for it reminded me of my secondary school days, as well as a little tiny part of college days (Fine, 90% of Maths class. Don't ask me why, I have no idea how that happened too). They were the days when I couldn't help but dozed off in class, especially in those afternoons after a filling lunch. And this sleeping sickness was really contagious! First it spreads to those around, and slowly to those sitting at the back rows...soon, the whole class was in sleep mode. The teacher gave up and did something else instead. A mystery tho was that once the teacher said "Class dismissed!" everyone woke up instantaneously and fly like a superman to the canteen. Talk about rejuvenation!

Hopefully, this stinking habit of mine will not appear in my university life later, or "Doomed" will be the first word in my dictionary.

So, I've thought about it, I've tried correcting this bad habit. Caffeine seemed to work at first, but my body sort of developed tolerance towards high level of caffeine after abusing that drug for a few months. 

Coffee - key ingredient in a doctor's blood. Our veins would collapse without it. 
Quoted from Lynnxuan's FB status who quoted from some random novel. 

Ah, we, Pre-Meds, tho are far from being called a Medical Student, what more to say a doctor, are very prominent group in this caffeine abuse study. Classes start at 8.00am, you'll see humans walking like half zombies into the class, slam their books onto the desk. 9.00am, try walk into the class again, I'd be surprised if you didn't scream "Did these zombies ate all the students?!" Considering the multi-layer eyebags and bloodshot eyes, pale faces of organisms inhabiting that space, it's hard to recognize these were once homo sapiens. Rapid evolution must have taken place in just 60 minutes. Again, walk in at 10am, suddenly, you see HUMANS again! They are alive! But, please take a look at the poor dustbin in the corner, filled with all brands of caffeine/energy-boosting supplies: Nescafe, 7-eleven coffee, Redbull... No, no Starbucks, for goodness sake, at least RM10 for that mild caffeine?! The effect of caffeine will kick in in just 30 minutes and last for about 3 hours on average. And as good students we all are, of course we do take heed of the advice on "Consequences of Excessive Caffeine Intake" from the columns of free newspapers, complementary to the tuitions fees we paid to the college. (Told you that extra paid for miscellaneous fee does worth something!) Hence, by 1pm, you'll see zombies again. Only this time, their faces won't put you in terror anymore since their head no longer have the ability to defy gravity, or they just like to kiss the desk more than facing the lecturers. 

I've tried to sleep early, (def sleep early: sleeping at 12am, it's early what?!) but the efforts seem to be in vain until yesterday night, I've made a shocking discovery - A cheap and effective remedy! Instead of the normal novels I cling on before sleep, I took a huge anatomy book and start reading, with Bach on headphones. Before the second song ends, I was sleeping peacefully like a baby.....snores... 

And that ends my nocturnal life. I'm once again, living under the sun! :) 

oh wait, I still need to find a way to stay awake during study time... :( 

p/s: Got an offer from Cambridge University for Medicine at Gonville and Caius college a week ago. Finally, a university is willing to accept me, Thank God and may all glory be unto Him! It was long, tedious process which I will blog about soon. Any soon-to-be course mates/seniors? :) 


LX said...

Hey! I just saw this :) Hahahhaa, I developed tolerance to caffeine ages ago.. more of like taking it to bring me back to 'baseline'. When I was 15, drinking coffee perked me a lot cos I would so so motivated after taking a cup. Nowadays, I can take 4 cups or so a day just to be 'normal'. It is really bad!

Christine Wong said...

Just saw your comment here. :P
4 cups a day is...shocking. So what happens when you don't take any coffee for a day?