Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dream: Inception

I always have this issue with dreams. Have no idea where all these weird dreams come from. They may be reasonable before exam periods because I was under huge stress, a little bit of "wrong twitch" in the neurone signals are expected somehow. (And how i acted weirdly before the finals.) However, I' nothing now! Unless, I'm under stress again and this stress is due to absence of stress. Nonsense, I know. :/

I used to have these "psychic dreams", I liked to call them that way, but actually they were some kind of premonitory thingy but not every dream is that sort, just some and I do not know which kind. Lately, I've discovered that those dreams are those that I did not reveal/tell others about before they happened. And for those that I talked about, they did not become reality, or...not just yet.

I was having a nap just now, and this dream is extremely scary. It was like Inception. Dream within a dream. I am not a lucid dreamer but I remember my dreams. Being thrown into this state is scary. You couldn't control yourself, what you say and what you do. You those things and be in those places, yet you are well aware that you are dreaming. I was sleeping on the couch and in my dream, I was on another couch, watching telly and slowly dozed off. Then, I was thrown into this unfamiliar place, I have no idea where it is...maybe it's my future university, or somewhere. In this whole new environment, outside Malaysia, I was in a really nice bedroom but I did not have internet or mobile connection to anyone  because I just arrived. I wanted to call people I know and ask for instructions but I could not, so i just walked out of the room. The place was...old. Lots of antiques and painted portraits of some deceased famous people in the past. It was brightly lit, with chandelier above and mild aroma in the air, so I was not exactly scared but more of curious. I trailed along the  corridor and finally reached a really grand lobby, with huge vase of lavenders here, there and there were 5 girls of different races and a guy sitting on the sofa sets in the corner. They spoke fluent English but I could not understand them most of the time, so I just sat there and smile. The guy said he's from Penghat (it's a dream, no such place), one of the girl was a sophomore and others were new to this place, just like me. They were discussing about something highly intellectual while I looked through the glass door and tried to seek for familiar details. All were old, grey buildings. Then, it was dinner time, the group dismissed and everyone went back to their room. I lost my direction immediately and panicked....Woke up to the noise of telly, I struggled to get my eyes to open and my body to sit up. I walked to the toilet and back onto the couch, trying to get back to my afternoon nap. It was at that point I realised, I was still dreaming. I tried to get back to the nap, closed my eyes, and I woke up, into reality.

Or is this, reality?
Or maybe, it's just the anxiety messing up my biochemistry. =.="

p/s: the University sent an email last night asking for financial affidavit. Freaking 40,000++ pounds per year, who earns that kind of money!? At the end of my 6 years course (If i manage to survive through alive and in one piece), simple maths sum up to be more than 1.2 millions ringgit (!!!!!) Excluding the accommodation and other miscellaneous fees some more. OMG. Thank God, seriously, for blessing me with a sponsor. My thoughts will never even dare to stray to the West if it wasn't for the sponsor. Thank you, JPA, I will, from now on, stop all the complaints about how "efficient" you guys are. How will those kids who have their parents paying for their tuition fees ever going to return every single cent to their parents?! goodness, education does cost a bomb, a nuclear bomb. :O

pp/s: Eat Snow!!! :D Link

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