Monday, January 30, 2012


Taking it is the hardest thing to do, worst when it involves another life, another death.

You would want to blame any one or anything around, but when you turn back, there's nothing to be pointed at but a mirror of you, pointing at yourself. You've tried your best and yet it turned out not as what you have expected.

What there's left to do: To get oneself together again and think what has gone wrong. (what's wrong? You never follow the instructions on the bottle precisely!) 

Note: I think I killed my pet goldfishes by overdosing them with their medications. They were very sick last few days due to infection of unknown sources. A few died. :( I even set up an ICU for the most ill fishy, that fishy died this morning however (It died a terrible death, bleached). My siblings have always told me I should choose Veterinarian Medicine instead of Medicine since I'm such a cold person towards human but when it comes to animals, I'm totally mad about them. I agree with them too actually, considering the fact that there's not even a chill running through my spine when I think of human corpse but whenever I see a carcass, I feel the urge to kneel down beside it and mourn for days. Too bad then, I'm allergic towards dogs, born not to be a vet. Or maybe I have not really encounter real life and death cases of human, as in to be involved in the saving process, unlike numerous effort on those of animals that I've painstakingly tried to save since young. Owls, chicks, ducklings, dogs, kittens...the list goes on.

But I really do wonder, what if I am the cause of one's death one day?

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