Saturday, February 25, 2012


A place where you could chill, relax. A place where you can release your stress, scream, cry, laugh as loud as you want, rejuvenate, recharge until you are prepared to face the world again. A place where you can really be yourself, act stupid, sleep with your mouth open and drool, sit with your legs on the chair. A place where you don't have to put up with anyone or any mask. A place where hypocrites can be themselves. A place where you can chill on the sofa and watch telly in whatever position you wish. A place where you know where your stuffs are, thought some are not in place, but you are never afraid to dig every single corner to find it out. A place where you will never get sick of cleaning it. A place all of you would be so glad to decorate on Christmas, Chinese New Years. A place where you can invite your friends over, that you called it your own. A place where you can have good food, chat and have fellowship with your friends. A place where you can invite them to stay over for a few days, then they will leave, but you will stay. A place where you have a say. A place where you know the rules and the loopholes too. ;) A place where photos of familiar faces are hung around. A place where you can hang a cross any where you like and won't get detained by the authorities for doing so.

A place where you can practice your piano, violin or singing that no matter how badly it sounded, you would still get standing ovations. A place where you can stack all your piles of books and papers scattered everywhere and study late night. A place which the phone number you would never forget. A place which you could get back to or move around with your eyes closed. A place where you were being fed, chased around while you were still wearing diaper, where you learnt your first words, first steps. A place with the corner you knocked your head on when you were just three. A place where your smelly pillow, blankie is. A place where you were jumping around with your first pet. A place which is the background in your photos through the years. A place which smells so familiar. A place which feels so familiar. A place that will protect you from many physical harms, "bad people", intruders, faces you want to avoid at the moment.

A place where you have a permanent corner to spend time with God. A place where you can talk to Him in whatever way you want. A place where you somehow feel you are very blessed to be in. A place which is a gift from Him. A place where you truly experience a very unique type of love from God. 

A place where you know you have your loved ones always there for you no matter what happened. They will be right there, ready to listen and comfort you after you are exhausted of exploring the whole Earth. A place where your mom would cook good food, your siblings would work together to clean the house, where dad would be outside washing the car. A place where all of us would finally gather after scattering around for years. A place where we could all talk whatever we want without reservations. A place where we could watch any tv channel we like, and if we don't, we are not afraid or ashamed to fight for the remote control. A place where you can crack lame jokes and still get laughters for it. A place where you are forgiven no matter how huge your mistake is. An origin of the countless memories you and your loved ones shared together. A place where the compass in you will refer to, in case you are lost, someday, and you badly needed a shelter because you could continue to wherever you are heading to.

A place where you know no dangers. A place where you know no strangers.

I see strange people. I think I lost my compass, have you seen it?  

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