Thursday, March 08, 2012

Day 3 of TMC Attachment

The day started really early today. People were crowding in front of the clinic even before we arrive, as usual. It's really scary, as if the people will eat you raw any time you walk near time but it should be something a doctor should be proud of: at least, it is an indication of how well your reputation is out there.
However, today I didn't stick around the registration counter but followed uncle for the ward round. It was quite different from the Miri GH's and SJMC's ward rounds. Unlike the huge number of housemen you have in Miri GH trailing the senior like caterpillar, the doctors here have to do ward rounds by themselves many times, especially when there aren't enough nurses. They carry the bp set and files around on their own. It may look messy at times, but there is plenty of freedom, except for my uncle as I am  currently leaching to him like nobody's business. And unlike the arrogance of RICH patients you have over at SJMC, TMC (for rich people too) doesn't seems to portray that annoyance but posses the same level of comfort. Therefore, it's much easier to peep around, "eavesdrop", pop questions (instead of the "look" we got from SJMC whenever we walk around.) Excluding a little bit of complication at the ICU, the ward round was overall quite pleasant. I like ward visits because we are able to follow cases more closely, to see the progress of the patients from the moment they enter the hospital until the day they are discharged. :)
*COPD, COAD, stroke case. Oedema with pleural and pericardial effusion.

Clinic. Uncle said I am quite "fortunate" this time to have the opportunity to see 2 patients with right ventricle hypertrophy. One due to pulmonary artery stenosis and another with pulmonary hypertension. Those were quite rare, considering the fact that most cardiac patients have LV hypertrophy then angina then hypertension then high cholesterol...blah blah blah, the "normal" degenerative disease cases. Blame the medical rubbish! Many of them were victims of very very wrong rumours spreading out there, eg. drink 3 litres of water or as much water as possible/if you're not sick, don't take the med, it's harming your stomach/eat wheat only to slim down. Then, they ended up admitted into the hospital. Couldn't blame them, I am also a victim of these medical rubbish occasionally, but have to be grateful for my laziness then, cause usually I don't cling to any of these rubbish.

Ah, MY ALLERGY! My hyper-sentitive nose has been causing a lot of trouble lately. When I helping out at the pharmacy yesterday, my allergy attacked and I was sneezing like mad that I have to, again, wear a mask inside the pharmacy to work. So awkward. =.=" Let's pray that I'm not allergic to smell of any of the meds there, but to the dust only, if not, I'll be so cham next time.

I will not go very detail for the posts of this attachment unlike for the previous 2, though in reality, this attachment has gone much technical. still shallow tho compared to what I am supposed to know. I have been working on cardiac & circulation related physiology these few weeks and am VERY confused with the abnormal ECG part and the physics formulae parts. WHY ARE THE SYMBOLS DIFFERENT?! F is volume of blood flow per minute. Why not V?? Why is Ohm's law F=P/R and not R=V/I? Mutant formulae!? :/ and...My SAM Maths teacher, Mr Munin once said, "In one point of your life, you would be confused of your left and right." Perhaps,  this is the point? I'm still getting used to the diagrams and inverted left and right in them. Did about half of the anatomy for mediastenum region too? Uncle said he is going to screw me this weekend on the anatomy part. Dai, study. :p

Unrelated stuffs: (I need to craptalk a bit to loosen up)
Today is Women's Day. :) It's March and it will be end of March really soon as my schedule will be packed like madddddd until end of April until the madness starts again in June until it's time for departure in September. However I know that I won't be any free in May. Got a few ideas in my mind, evil plans for world domination. ;) Time passed too fast. My initial perception of enjoying super long holiday is not a single bit close to LONG any more. 11 months holiday is too short to really complete anything, all the more I'm on marathon travel schedule. I counted yesterday, since A2 finished, I've been to 22 different places in the account of 4 months. Imagine the amount of time I spent just on travelling. :/
I sent a very outdated letter to Cambridge today using Poslaju. Cost RM87.50. I literally shouted at the post office when the cashier told me the price. O.O It's just a letter, not even a parcel! SUPER EXPENSIVE. Who says postmen don't earn much? :(

To end, I shall entertain you, my dear reader, by revealing the suppressed bimbotic side of me here. Feel free to attack me in the future with these if I ever get too dead, old, serious on you.

In cousins' room. :) 

Stripped dress: Elle
Handbag: Charles and Keith
Slippers: Fitflops

O piano!
\Haven't been practising for months!

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