Friday, March 09, 2012

Day 4 TMC Attachment

  • Round ward with Dr Lau, as routine but today, many of the patients we've seen yesterday seemed much better. No new admission. :D
  • Went to visit the haemodialysis department today and had a brief tour around. Similar to the other dialysis centres but TMC has really clean and comfortable ambient. I wonder if they pay more here. 
  • Spent the rest of the morning at the Radiology Department with Dr Vincent and Dr Lee. Tho not as advanced as SJMC's imaging dept, I have a pleasant time hanging around the CT scan area and X-ray area. A woman almost threw a fit during her CT scan due to her allergy to the dye used and partly it's because she's too weak. It was scary, but her vital points were all fine so they just fed her glucose solution and continued on. She's ok. :) And, I saw a newborn baby taking X-ray too! Super cute baby. His cheeks are so "pinchable" :D Met Dr Simon Huang there too. 4 of us had a good time chatting in the office. It was really pleasant leaching up to them. haha. Dr Lee shared quite a lot of stories about her son and can you tell me how to react, when a doctor called you a genius when in fact, your brain is as empty as possible after being idle for months?! It was a very awkward and embarrassing moment. Haha. But the conversation with them made me realise even more that doctors are also humans with life away from work too. They all have very happy families. :)
  • Ah afternoon was really interesting. I finally went into the OR and observed a surgery at the side. It was the removal of benign epithelial tumour, intraductal papilloma at the tail of parotid gland. Of course, it was bloody, which surgery isn't? Blood spurted, bp going up and down but it was fine overall. It almost an anatomy lesson on the facial nerves for me tho I was again, confused but learnt a massive load of stuffs. The OR was not as solemn as I thought. The latest hits are on (not full blast) in the air as the doctors and nurses occasionally cracked jokes. Ah, my dream work place. See, you can put any music you like in the OR, no problem as long as you can perform at your best. :)  
  • Received another warning for my ambition to specialise in neurosurgery. No family life, worst than hell, stressful, short life span as a doctor, limited, too specialised, not for women. I knew all these but I still don't think these should obstruct my desire to be in this field. They said I don't have a family at the moment so I probably wouldn't care much about that part. Perhaps, but give me 10 more years to decide on what should I specialise in. I have an opportunity to observe a neurosurgery tomorrow, it'll be a long, fruitful and exciting day. 
Study time :D

p/s:  I laughed so hard on my naiveness and stupidity when I was reading my previous posts on SJMC attachment. The fact that I will laughed at what I write here one day in the future is not stopping me from writing. I mean, all of us laughed at our past when we look back in retrospect and what else is there to be ashamed of? We all grow. 6 years of blogging isn't that hard. :)  

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