Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 9 TMC Attachment

"What am I supposed to do? I was trained to be a doctor. I know how to take someone’s pain away, how to make a stopped heart beats again. We brought people’s kids back, their husbands…I have the skills to help people, is it ok for me to walk away from that because I want to just have fun?"
- House, Season 8, Episode 2: Transplant.

I observed knee joint replacement surgery with Dr Yu and a resident and laproscopic partial nephrectomy with Dr Teh today. The orthopaedic surgery was really funny as the old woman was on LA, she was having a great time telling me her stories about her basketball days while I was rather embarrassed because I couldn't stop laughing at her stories in the OT while the staffs were sawing, knocking and drilling away  on her knee. It was my first time looking at those prostheses as well. Impressive things they have there. Orthopaedic surgeons are just like carpenters. ;)  The nephrectomy was rather the same as yesterday: filled tummy with CO2 and punched 4 holes, get the cameras, scissors and clips, gauzes in, cut cut, sew, pull out the specimen. Sounds easy but it was an awfully long process. A great sense of humour is, not a bonus, but essential  part of this career. You won't want to bore your colleagues, patients or yourself out. Working for at least 12 hours per day, without those laughters, you'll burn out easily, break like a twig. 

The wards were great, I mean, more people have recovered and have gone back home. Only, there was a pyrexia of unknown origine, aka PUC. Will have to observe until the blood culture is ready and pray that gentleman will be ok. And, saw a very interesting case of renal vein thrombosis. Hmmm.... :)

Got a brief FOC lecture from 2 UNIMAS professors too. They were taking bone marrow biopsy in one of the wards and I just...leached on them. They were really great teachers, I mean, they know how students usually are - shy and all. So instead of waiting for me to ask them about every single thing they do, they just explain along the way. Saves all the energy. The process looks painful tho. :/

It's mid of March already. Frightening ey? Time is passing by so quickly. I wish I have more time. 

p/s: No posts for yesterday because other than the rounds, I hid in the clinic and study because I was attacked by that stupid nose allergy again. I need to stay in the OT more, that's the safest place to avoid any sort of nose allergies. 

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