Saturday, April 14, 2012


Honestly, do I look like a kid?

I am hitting 20 in a few months, somehow this number suddenly makes me feel so old. Besides, I was "kicked out"/retired from the Youth in church and am planning to join Young Adults fellowship this coming Sunday. gosh. Me, a young adult? I don't think so.

I was chatting to a junior in my secondary school the other day. He just got his SPM results and that makes me 2 years his senior. We've never talked before, neither do we know each others name but I remember he is some popular junior back in those days when I graduated from high school so I just strike a casual conversation with him while waiting to meet a teacher,

"So, where are you studying now?"
"Sydney. Wait, are you done with your secondary school?" He looked at my polo shirt, skinny jeans and flip-flops.
"I finished 3 years ago."
"That makes you...20?"
"Yes." =.="
Moment of enlightenment!

So what?!?! I'm usually speechless under this kind situation especially when such comment comes from someone of years younger than me. They just remind me of those days when I wore pinafores at the end of Form 5 (Didn't have enough half turquoise skirts and didn't bother to buy any after prefects retirement) and people thought I was a Form 2 kid. And now that I'm 20, a similar scenario happened.

I guess it's good in some way (e.g. the financial way) if you look younger than your age. It's, anyway, the main focus of the cosmetic industry nowadays, spreading their propagandas of "Looking, Feeling and Staying Young Forever" by applying those bloody expensive products. I've never use any facial products except a facial cleanser until quite recently, my mom forced me use Dr Wu's, nagging me about wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots that will appear as we, women age. It's a bad habit, I know, for not applying anything at all which explains the dryness of my skin (can crack any minute!) but I have extremely sensitive skin. Almost anything that goes onto my face causes pimples to pop out like mad within the next 24 hours. How funny that despite the extreme dryness, my skin still secretes large amount of sebum! urgh. Beauty comes with a price, no?

Looking young and immature often means people won't take you seriously no matter how brilliant or mature your idea is, at least in this scientific field which good fashion sense is rather irrelevant. However, appearing impeccably dressed in those trendy suits is extremely important in the business realm. (I draw this conclusion after a careful observation in Curtin Sarawak between enginnering/geology students and commerce students.) Of course, this is an over-generalisation which deem to be untrue in many cases. Blame the hackneyed characterization for each career, but it's almost a second nature to raise an eyebrow when your doctor walk in looking like a 19-year-old in his father's suit. In some jobs, it's better to look "old and wise".

Random stuff:

p/s: How can a person who has not seen me for many years, call me GILA after a mere 5 minutes conversation?! For the nth time, seriously? 


LX said...

Eh. When I was 21, I went to some CNY open house and someone thought I was 14. -____-

Anyway what picture is that!??!?! Seizure?

Christine Wong said...

LOLS. 7 years younger, not bad what? :D

Idk. Just a random guy who couldn't wake up to go to school? Couldn't stop laughing when I saw it because it's just how my ex-room mate and I look like in the morning.