Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Hard work, purpose and success

This post is inspired by blog post "Why I regret getting straight A1 in SPM" from akirastory.com

"Aiya, we simply can't talk about HOW TO STUDY with this type of people. Studying is like a breeze for them. They won't understand how hard is it for us down here to get these things into our heads."

"I don't want to study any more. I feel lazy."
"Even without studying, you'll do well in the end. Now go away and don't distract me."

"Eh, if you don't know, go ask him/her lah, he/she definitely will know the answer."
"You think he/she'll help idiots like us meh?!"

Really? Is that what you think?

Life seems perfect for some of us but, no matter how great it look, it's all just an illusion. No one's life is perfect. We face struggles, pressures, betrayals and disappointments too, tonnes. We too, have the same receptors as you do, we too feel pain. We are the same except for the fact of what we put our faith on, underlying everything else. Ideologies, objectives, principles, philosophy....are irrelevant.

People are always making Plan Bs, fall back alternatives, it's just a state of mind to help us cope with "When all else fails, I will have a back-up plan waiting to save the day!" The truth is, all our mastermind-made plans are fallible. Ya think it's optimism? I think all kind of optimisms are relative and subjective. Optimisms, no matter how hard you try to hypnotise yourself, will be corrupted by negativity, in any small amount. It's just a cover up show. Same goes with Complacency. When you sit beside a have-it-all person, see where your complacency (or should I say, imaginary satisfaction) goes. Greed arises, never consequently due to extremism, but due to wrong application.
Famous image for Optimism. Pretty relative, no?
All these are results of hard work and many, divine interventions - miracles. Yes, I do believe in miracles, no matter how hard you try to disapprove with me on the basis of scientific evidence but that's not my point now. I would like to talk about hard work.

People work for a purpose. Even when you say you are working for fun, it's for a purpose of attaining pleasure for one's own cause; Or to kill time, now that's your purpose, because you don't want to spend even that small fraction of your life in boredom, you decided to do something. You don't do something for nothing, you just don't. It's just too difficult to imagine a task without any purpose.

When this point of "doing something" is applied onto our work/studies, it's obvious that we are all doing something and apparently, while doing the same thing, some achieve greater results (in relative sense of course). Have you ever wonder why?

They WORK HARDER. (And if you want to tell me it's pure luck for them, why not believe in miracles?) There must be something that gives them the drive, the greater that cause is the greater the drive. By sheer will power, working harder will not be long for you. And when your cause fades, your drive goes too. What is your goal?

I dare not say I am any where near success yet as my purpose is a never-ending one: I want to glorify God in everything I do. My achievements in many things (eg. SPM, scholarships, college, university) were through incessant struggles. It's like walking on a rope in air but I ain't no good balancer. I fell in almost every single step I took. Every time I fall, I felt I grew another step closer to Him. When I was emotionally and physically drained, I learnt to quiet down and talk to Him and LISTEN, just the right time when I ignorantly assume everyone else in this world doesn't understand me. Then He works through me, through my family and friends. Sometimes I think I'm addicted these cycle of events, that I am constantly pushed to take that extra step outside my boundaries because I know what are all these for and my cause is everlasting, so does my drive towards achieving that sweet success. He is NOT my assistant but exactly what I work towards. I hope that explains why I am never satisfied with my progress but I am never in despair for not achieving my goal, YET. I trust in the Lord in leading me towards Him. :)

Of course, everyone has their own way of achieving their goals. Even if your goal is the same as the person sleeping beside you, you still argue on the methods of cooking an egg. But when you are set on the right track, whatever you do, will be meaningful. I was pondering upon a man's last words before he committed suicide about a decade ago from the news. He said his life was meaningless so there was no need for him to continue to stay in this world. By ending his life this way, I would say he gave the devil an easy victory. The devil's aim is to win us over from God before our life ends and our judgement comes. If we are not saved before we die, he gets an extra prisoner in Hell. However, if our life is set on the right purpose, he will try to lure us away from God until the day we are called to return to Him, and if we really do believe in His salvation and redemption, it doesn't matter how long more will we survive on Earth because we know exactly where we are heading towards. Of course, this doesn't calls for suicide once you believe! But I do not fear for the latter ones because those who believe will love and treasure this Life.

Okay, before I go off topic... Try to think, why do some people seem to "have it all" and constantly fill with joy while some sulk in the corner, fill with resentment despite everything that they have?


LX said...

I nearly lost focus and will to be in this profession. My final placement here truly reignited my passion and I really want to do well after this.. it is too late to want to do well in med school but I think I want to change my mindset and strive for my future. Fell in love in medicine all over again.. sighhh

Christine Wong said...

WHOA! I didn't know you were in such huge dilemma. You're done with it...real soon. Good to hear that... My uncle kept telling me, your results in med school don't matter, as long as you can graduate and be a doc, then the real challenges start but yea, that's part of what i meant by addiction too. It's like...a hell, all those work but you still love it to the max at the end of the day. :) Do tell me the story in DETAILS soon kay? All the best! I know you can do it, doc wong! :D

LX said...

Not yet a doctor. Yes, I must tell you the story proper! And also about the consultants I met during my placement. I've been telling my friends here and people think I am insane. Maybe I am just plain crazy - exam-induced insanity! Must let me pass finals first (17-30 April).