Thursday, April 19, 2012


Have you ever met a person who lead a life almost parallel to yours? I mean parallel, not identical. No, not the Mary-Kate-and-Ashley-Olsen type of twins or similarity I'm talking about. You two may be different in some way too: family, location, place of birth, careers, but these are where similarities intertwined with difference. Both are doing almost the same thing at the same time, like humming the same tune, playing the same song on the piano, wearing the same brand or colours. Both have the same goals but different ways of execution, hence the different path taken. For goodness sake, you don't know the existence of this other person, how could both of you be blood-related when you are born and raised thousands miles apart? Even if many realise this, how many would be convinced of this twisted, wicked idea? Superstitions, over-analysing, they sneered.

It's creepy to meet a person who share so many similarities with you. It obliterates that ticklish feeling you have in your stomach when your parents call you their "princess" and deludes the thoughts in you, of you and your uniqueness. It makes me stare deep into the eyes of my reflection in the mirror and somehow I feel another person staring back at me, head slanted to the side that opposes mine, from the other side of this piece of silvered glass. I check the back of the mirror to make sure there's no one there. To my disappointment, there really isn't. Then that pair of eyes in the mirror meet mine again. Who is this person? I reach out to touch nothing but feel only chills from that cold, hard surface. Who am I? I look at the fingers touching the mirror. Am I just a trapped soul within this body? It's as if I could float out any time, to the ceiling and watch everything pass. 

Nonsense. Must be a trick of the light on my mind. I should get to work. Laugh, love and stop acting like a mad person.

Perhaps, that's what parallel lines are suppose to do. They are similar to each other, but they are never the other and they have never and never will meet the other. If these lines do ever intersect at any point, that's a disaster. It's wrong! The lines should be erased and they should be back to where they are because that's how the harmony between parallel lines plays, ruled. 

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