Friday, April 06, 2012

Rest and reflect

After so many "heavy" posts, let's have something more cheerful - a post to match the new chicky background. I have no idea why am I so obsessed with round, fat, yellow creatures lately (ducklings,chicks).

 I've calculated, I have 317 days for my compulsory gap year and I am almost half way through it. Let's just make it half. This half was so fascinating and exciting that I would have never imagined my gap year to be this crazy. I've been to 23 different places in total and in these 23, only 5 are those that I've been to before. 18 completely new places, not bad eh? And after rushing around for these many months, I've finally decided  to settle down and chill, to really enjoy home and rest. I mean, since A2 finished man! That was ages ago, and I was hardly at home. Cambodia, Taiwan, Singapore and practically around the whole east and west Malaysia for camps, attachment, events, travels. Was invited to tag along to Japan with my siblings, mind really needs to rest plus all these travellings have sort of distanced myself from God because it's hard to have proper quiet time when your schedule is not fixed at all and your environment is constantly changing. I could feel His voice almost drowned as I rushed through the excitement around.  

I've been wanting to study a bit ( my brain is soooo rusted that I don't even know what IBR is. maths stuff), take music and dance lessons and give tuitions so I've decided to settle down BEFORE I START RUNNING AROUND AGAIN in July onwards until my departure in September. More camps to come. (dont know whether to respond with enthusiasm or not :/ ) 

Hallway to ORs in TMC, Kuching.

I've been flying so often, from the very epic twin otter experience to huge air buses on international flights. Met MORE interesting characters from other countries and LOTS of medical staffs, some even on my holiday trip. Maybe it's just my mind playing a trick on me, but sometimes, I felt that when you are about to embark on something great, things around you starts to change; everything seems to link to what you are about to do. Or maybe, I was just more observant and sensitive to these stuffs? But even on the story books that I've been reading, fictions to non fictions, classics to new releases, everything seems to have strange relations. Believe me, I've never seen as many "University of Cambridge" and "Medicine" in books that I've read during my secondary school years. (Ok, maybe I don't read that much those days) Or maybe, I'm simply too excited about the days to come - I'm finally going to enter a university! Oh, how I dread for that day to come! My peers will be graduating as I am about to start my first year!

That was just an absurd rant. Ignore!

Breathtaking view of the Rajang River during sunrise in the Twin Otter,
on the way to Tanjung Manis from Kuching.
 I dreamt of owning an empire of hospital groups, I wrote it down about 2 years ago but in retrospect, that was absolutely ludicrous. "If you are after money, you may or may not find money, but you will definitely find no meaning; If you are after meaning, you will find it, and perhaps, have an amazing encounter with money as well." I read this from some book I've read not long ago. It sort of reaffirmed my new plans but observing how fast my interest changed, I can't promise how my plans, and consequently, my course (of life, not of studies) will change again. I do have a strange scheme in mind now, one that I've never really considered before. It may not bring prosperity to me, but it definitely is of goodwill to all. Guess this gap year thing is really working!
View of Taiwan
I've also never been so pissed off by alcoholism before! This habit is just sickening, same to smoking! I hate the habit, not the people. For goodness sake, STOP destroying your own body, wasting your money, time and effort of the people around you! After you've done enough damages with your body, you go to a doctor  and expect him to work a miracle. If he did it, you are happy, you give stupid promises and go back to your sickening life again; if he didn't, you are doomed, and if you are lucky, you live with side effects and you hold grudges against the person who tried to save you for the rest of your life. COME ON, wake up! I believe you are a rational and responsible adult, THINK WITH YOUR BRAIN, please. Why on earth, are you destroying your body?! (And here comes the paradox of "everyone will die one day, no harm taking another drink/cigarette" and "Doc, I don't want to die so fast!")

Why am I so worked up? Pfft.

So another half to go till departure. It was the right time to go to Taiwan for shopping as it is spring there and summer is approaching, so all the autumn and winter clothings are on great sales. Yay! It's just a "natural"thing that I bought a few sets of autumn clothings for preparation. Heh, excuses! Oh ya, Taipei 101 was ok-ok-lah. It is tall with really cool and practical architectural design, but I have to admit, truthfully, that Petronas Twin Towers have a more majestic and impressive architecture (and more affordable food and shops :P).
My first ever trench coat. Thanks, Dad! :D
And here I am back in Miri, finally. I've made up my mind not to go anywhere unless it's absolutely urgent and necessary. The universities I've applied to have all made their decisions. I dare not show you my UCAS track screen shot as it is really embarrassing. It's like a rojak...all sorts of decisions offered but I've put in my firmed and insurance choices. University of Bristol gave an unconditional offer. It was a complete surprise to me. Unconditional? Guilt swamped my throat instantaneously. I will talk about the interview in the future post but what I felt really glad was that my dear friends have gotten their offers from brilliant universities as well. We will be just 40 minutes of train ride apart, peeps. I anticipate monthly gatherings in London! ;)

Hazard Bistro @ Canada Hill, Miri
I've not done much maths, despite my interest (which I never realise until quite recently) in it and am trying to practice again these few days. I hope my course will cover lots of maths but I know that is just wishful thinking. Fortunately, I'm not taking arts course in uni (pfft, as if I have any talent in that field), I can't imagine how my interests in maths wither. If I can't pursue it, let it fade in a more subtle way at least! Don't get me wrong, if I were given a chance to choose again, I will still choose Med over anything else. I will sometimes talk nonsense of hoping to be in other fields, but at the end of the day, I couldn't be more grateful for the decisions made.
"Syllabus of the Year"
If reading is a mind-stimulating activity, I guess that's the only activity my brain has been embracing lately. It's funny how I rarely hold books during schooling days (unless it's near to exam periods) but now, I always have an unfinished book with me whenever I go. But it has really been a pleasure, to read whatever you want, at your own pace, instead of being instructed by the school or college, trapped within the syllabi.

So, gap year has been absolutely GREAT for me hitherto, how about you? :) 

p/s: pardon me for my grammar mistakes in this post. I plainly typed whatever came to mind. :P 

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