Wednesday, May 02, 2012


I once promised my bunch of pretty amoi-amoi back in secondary school that we would cut our ponytails together. Few of them courageously did it but I chickened out in the end. It's just too scary to see your "hard-earned" long hair to be chopped away like that. A promise is a promise, after 2 years, I did it. :)
Got my haircut finally at Monsoon, Novena Square with this awesome stylist at SGD50 (freaking expensive, I know, but thanks to my sis for the sponsorship. Hehe!). Love the way he shaped the whole thing, my hair makes me look rather stylish *vain alert!* (when in reality, I can't be any more geeky-looking). The good thing about having a good hair style is that you can wear pyjamas on the streets yet still look like a fashion diva. Oh yea... *wink*

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apriltan18 said...

Who was your stylist at Monsoon? Reviews at say that Monsoon is average so just want to find the right one!