Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Stay at Marina Bay Sands

Home sweet home, finally. I am convinced that this time, I will stay at home for at least until the end of next month, or even better, until September. I have no idea why am I so fond of staying at home lately. It's not like I have anything particularly meaningful to do at home because all I do most of the time is just sleep, eat, create noise pollution with the music instruments, go online and read. Or maybe, there just isn't much to do in the city. The only face-to-face social interaction I have, except on Sundays, is with my family and the 10 cutest canines in the world. Sounds sad? But all I want is to stay with them as long as possible. There's not much excitement at the moment thinking of the days ahead after the "Yay! I got into medical school!" to now "OMG! Why did I do that to myself?!" Ok, that was just a joke. Besides being a tad irritated by the myriads of administrative paperworks to be done for the visa applications (ironically, joyfulness fills each time those par avion mails come in with my name on it), I am definitely looking forward to the studies, uni life, friends, and the "culture shocks" awaiting on the other side of this globe. 

Ok now, back to topic.

As a pre-celebration for Mother's Day this coming Sunday, we brought mommy to Marina Bay Sands to enjoy the weekend. I've been to the Skypark before which cost SGD20, bloody expensive, just to enjoy the night scenery but I must tell you, staying there is quite a different, very pleasurable experience. We stayed in a standard deluxe room with a spacey balcony overlooking the open sea...with many huge vessels, ships and occasionally, fishers' boats, which strangely looked like toys, fragile, at this distance. When the sunsets, the ships turned on their lights until the sky was completely dark, that sea could be mistaken as just another side of the land on this beautiful island. The best part about our room was, it was a corner room! So we get extra windows at the side. 
Work out @ Banyan Tree Fitness Club, 55th Floor, MBS.
Perhaps, I have this strange relish with city skylines. I've been in Singapore for countless times, and thank God for the opportunities to enjoy this view from many different angles and different times, but satiety of purely enjoying this beautiful view from afar has not quite set in yet. As all hotel guests are entitled to enjoy the service of Banyan Tree Fitness Club during their stay, we changed into our workout outfits and headed immediately after checking into the room to the 55th floor in Tower 2. Sweet! How can anyone not be motivated to work out under such environment?! There, with my mind's propensity to wander, I couldn't help but to pretend to be philanthropist, doing her usual morning jogs in her penthouse with the whole city in sight, with the latest news on CNN is being presented right in front of her on the tv, on her exercise machine. All these are actually true, except the philanthropist and penthouse part. Or maybe it's just the person's part that is untrue. 
Sighs of satisfaction. Oh, this is gonna be a good life, good good life...
One of those breath-taking moments
Skypark, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
We went for window shop and dinner at the Shoppe just across the road then straight back up to the Skypark for dip in the Infinity Pool. There were tourists, but it wasn't really that crowded that night so we picked our own corner and enjoyed the scenery for as long as we like...after the maniacal photo-taking session of course. ;) Be sure to bring your best camera with fully charged battery and ample memory space! With lights flickering through the night down there, music playing the background, soft breeze caressing our cheeks while we dipped in the cool, aqua pool... I won't further degrade that wonderful experience there with my poor writings, you just have to be there to experience it yourself. 
Sunrise at the 57th floor
Early next morning, my mom, sis and brother-in-law went up to the Skypark to watch sunrise! I didn't join them because...I was emo-ing about not bring my camera there so I rather curl up in the bed and sleep through it. Haha, no! I admit, I was just too lazy to get up that early. Judging from the photos they took, I was convinced that they were completely amazed by the sheer beauty of the sunrise that morning. It was quiet and cool that early morning, without any visiting tourists to the Skypark. 

After hanging around the "deck" of the ship for a few more hours, we had to leave before noon, rushed to the airport. Although there are rooms for improvements for the facilities of the hotel, it was overall a very pleasant and relaxing experience for us. It may be over-priced and over-rated in some way, but I'd say it's worth the try if you planning for an easy and relaxing trip in Singapore. I know many people are going there for the casino's sake but as I am totally against the act of gambling and under-age, I shan't talk about it here. 

That's it for our pleasant experience at MBS and
Happy Mother's Day in advance! 

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