Saturday, May 12, 2012


I never knew tutoring could be this maddeningly fun. Yes, it's mad, but strangely, I enjoyed every moment of "torturing" those kids who just hit puberty and think they are the king of the world. (ok, that sounds really ridiculous but please bear with my sarcasm) And just as I have always labelled myself, the kids have finally called me "a witch" today. IMAGINE THAT. HAHA. I could never picture myself to be a kind, gentle mother in the future. But again, maybe I will because I didn't even raise my voice, or physically torture anyone throughout the session (except a rough "you guys dont diam here diam there, you diam lah and do your work, now!")  and I just gave them THE STARE, and an "excuse me, young man?" The kid compliantly said, "Oh sorry, nothing nothing, you are very pretty." Then I gracefully returned his 'compliment' with a smile and continued my verbal tortures of nagging non-stop. I thought only old woman does that... urgh.

"Eh lao si, you know he got gf d?!"
"Oh, so?"
"Neh, outside there! She's form 4!!!"
"No wonder you guys keep peeking out. Are you guys in Form 2?"
I turned to the one with the Form-4 girlfriend he was so proud of and replied,
"YOU, better start doing your work now. Your girlfriend passed her PMR, you have not!"
"Yea lo, later your girlfriend don't want you..." his 'brudder' added.
"I passed UPSR.
After saying it, he shamefully laughed at himself. seriously, UPSR?! 

"Are you from Chung Hua?" one of the 'si gina' asked.
"Yes." I replied indifferently without looking at him, after being annoyed incessantly. 
"Did you join brassband? PBSM? Kadet Polis?"
"Oh i know, BOMBA!"
"Then what are you?" He was taken aback with a very surprised expression.
"I am calon bebas."
"What is calon bebas?"
"Shut up, do your work." 

"Eh, why are you on the same page after 1.5 hours!!!??"
"I am slow ma, I'm doing at the speed of 1 km/h." one answered.
"Eh you, can you please pick up your pen and look at your book?"
"I can write with my bottle." He proceeded to picking up his bottle and pretend to write with it.
Flabbergasted, I stared at them, "Are you guys 14 years old?!"

"Lao si, I think you are very kelian lo because you have to teach us."
"You know what? I totally agree with you on that." Nodding my head furiously.

After the session, I went out and talked to the clerk.
"So, what were they doing?"
"Talking non-stop but still working on their papers lo."
"They usually walk around, play with ipad/iphones/phones and would never sit still."
Now I get why they called me that. =.="

But fortunately, not all kids are like that. I had a session with Form 5 students on Maths too. Although they didn't really understand the questions on the past year papers they were doing, at least, they asked and we could all discuss constructively. The hours spent were fruitful and we all were happy with the session. Same goes to my private tuition before. Oh, how I miss tutoring that student! She was really keen, hardworking and attentive! It was really enjoyable spending my time with her...

Why can't all students be like that?

But again, I was the one sleeping in class during secondary school. The right to these sort of complaints will never be mine. LOLS. *guilt*

some literal records. some reflective. we can't always be monotonous, can we? 

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