Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Updates on work and church

"Welcome to the world of OCDians!" I could almost hear that in auditory sense every single morning. I have been on my job for more than a week now, and at the end of most days, I walked out of the office, sighing, complaining about how miserable this job is and how it miserably messed up my perfect holiday life. The problem is, I have huge issue with consistency and neatness. Yet those are the very qualities that are to be found in an accounts clerk. Oh ya, extreme efficiency too. Your handwriting must be neat, clean (mine was usually beyond legible). The papers must not be rolled or crumpled, they must be perfectly smooth or at most, folded into half. The documents must always be arranged in specific ways: according to dates, invoice numbers, alphabetical order, in reverse or normal order, from left to right, from front to back or back to front etc. The holes punched for filing must be on the exact same position for each piece of document, regardless of the paper size. And who says you can work without thinking? There are surprisingly many "procedures" to be done! You have to remember which documents to photocopy, fax (and to who) when people throw you a banker's acceptance application, which documents to photocopy and combine for each different purposes, which company to call, which documents to send out, which bank's cheque to be filled and bank in for each company, which program and steps to key the datas into the computer for every different types of informations and a very minor, subtle yet vital point - remember every document that have been on your hand, so when your boss runs over and ask you, "Have you seen XXX's receipt?" then you will know what to do. Otherwise, the hunt for that small piece of paper could wreak havoc with the whole office.

Perhaps I am really not an office material. I never like routine, repetitive events, which explains my addictive nature towards surprises and unforeseen circumstances. Never mind the annoyance caused,  at least those exciting events get adrenaline pumping in the body fluids and are brain-stimulating. These repetitive works are rather numbing...slowly becoming lazy to think, putting off whatever sparks of creativity left. The effects are pretty evident. :/ Nevertheless, I dread for any form of productivity... so I don't really mind hanging out in the office although the nags from my senior to "write every single alphabet clear and straight" has developed OCD in me and in herself too. Oh ya, not forgetting the part, exactly where to staple the documents. =.=" Do your job NEATLY! is what I get every day. (my books and papers are always crumpled and scribbled all over. I guess that's the difference between authentic book-lover and book-content-lover)
This job has affirmed me of another preference of mine: I like to work with people. You know how sleepy am I throughout the day when I saw the pile of paper on my desk but when my senior asked me to phone the companies and talk to the customers, I could totally picture my own eyes lightened up.
These encounters have made me realise that God really does know the best for each of us, even when we could not see what's ahead. He will provide. Maybe, His grand plan of pushing me into Medicine is His purpose for me after all.
Anyway, my colleagues are really nice, funny and warm people that the working hours are with rich supply of laughters Shouldn't complain at all. :)

These few weeks things have been rather set and balanced. Church is awesome, I mean, having to consistently attend the church I grew up in is really comforting. And, OH THE JOY of being baptised after missing the opportunity for years! I was finally baptised and confirmed last week. :D Many people were surprised of my baptism tho, because it seems like I grew up in a Christian family, why am I only baptised at this age? That's another long story but I can only tell you the journey to even get baptised was not easy, it's impossible without God's grace, God's will. Besides, I have befriended quite a number of new friends there! Having peers of my age in this home town is what I hoped for for years. Having brothers and sisters in Christ to hang out with is an even greater blessing! Since secondary school ended, my group of friends have separated and moved to other places for studies and work, those that stayed behind are busy with their studies, so this town seems rather 'deserted' at times. We volunteered at a newly established Methodist church in the outskirts of this city last weekend and taught English to the bumiputra kids. Who says volunteers gives the most? I say volunteers receive the most! We have 'earned' priceless experience just by spending an afternoon with those cute angels. They spoke in Iban and Melanau so I can roughly piece up the puzzle to get their meaning but what struck me most was, their level of education. These kids stay in the city yet they can hardly speak any proper English despite the free and easily accessible education being made available. I have no idea how that happened but there was this primary 5 girl who can't even finish her alphabets! (And I thought most kids these days are able to sing the ABC song at the age of 2) Thank God for blessing us with this new perspective. Plus, our church is seeking for sunday school teacher to teach in that church, am seriously considering it but kinda put off by the distance I have to travel and the short duration that I'd still be in this city if I were to commit into it. In retrospect, this might have something to do with the promise I've made and prayed about at the end of SUSOM: to serve in children's ministry in Miri when I return. I dearly hope this is the beginning of it and do pray for the Sunday school there! :)

It's almost the end of May. 3 months to go. Oh yea~

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