Monday, June 04, 2012


We, the 21st century humans posses the ability to multi-task with no precedence has been an undeniable fact. And more often than not, we have to do so. While working on Microsoft Words for my reports and over-due writings, I often have several windows of chrome opened too. In each window, multiple tabs are running at the same time: emails, Facebook, search results, 9gags, youtube, blogs, checking airlines website for cheap tickets (yea, only cheapskates like me do this consistently) and more other irrelevant websites... Oh ya, not to forget, the little man on MSN is always green and blinking, occasionally (explains the decline in MSN users due to the growing popularity of FB chats and video calls). I used to have skype on too, but decided it's a tad too much to handle. So, usually, I'll sit in front of telly and do all these stuffs. phone beeps every few minutes at the side with incessant notification alerts of sms, whatsapp, viber, line... It is only normal that these noises fill the air each night lately. These disturbances are so embedded into the routine that it's just the ambience of my study. It's as if, I need to bask in these noises in order to feel comfort.

I have not realised my pre-occupation with all these disturbance for the supposedly restful night until my brother saw my screen just now.
"Oh my, running a big business are you? How many people are you talking to at the same time?!" he was so shocked at the number of conversation boxes in my fb page.
"Not much la. a few. Need to organize some stuffs."
He shook his head and walked away.

It's true that I don't even earn half as much as he does and yet my 'working hour' seems to be much longer than his. However, what makes me that nearly, despise myself is that, I don't pay full attention to every single thing that I was doing, especially to the person I am talking to. With much prudence, the quality of tasks can still be maintained under this circumstance, but what happens to the conversations? As I went through the chat history I had with the peers, only then I realised there isn't much content with the leisure chats, but empty talks. I don't reckon these as proper conversations at all and it is extremely rude, in reality, to do such thing. I believe every one will get agitated if the person you are talking to is not paying attention to you, but continues doing his stuffs and talks on his phone. (Must resist the temptation to slap that person!)
It is the least of respect one is obliged give to a person who is willing to talk to you.

So dear friends, I'd like to apologise here for my ignorance in the past conversations. Should appreciate each chat more. :)

the most irrelevant, useless talks are good masks to emotions. Tinge of fear still lingers after a long time. 

Saturday, June 02, 2012

His Majesty

A conversation between my brother and I.

"I wonder if Agong has a facebook page?" my brother asked.
"He's so old! I don't think so. Why?"
"It's his majesty's birthday tomorrow."
"I want to post 'Happy Birthday, Agong!' on his wall."

I'm not alone. This plain 'innocence' runs in the gene.