Friday, August 03, 2012

I need a BIG bookshelf

I have had enough of the incessant complaints from my mom and the eldest brother.

"Books...books...books everywhere!!!! Your room is a complete mess!"

"That pile of books on the dining table better be vanished before you leave for university!"

"Where are you going to sleep tonight? I can't see your bed!!! Is it underneath all those books?!?!?!"

"Your study table is huge but I can't even see the surface of it!"

etc etc.

Urgh. You know what's the best solution? Give me a library and I'll store all those books, (which strangely are eye sores to them) or perhaps, I'll enjoy the luxury of storing myself inside that library too. Hehe. :) However, since it's quite impossible at the moment to magically set up a library, all I ask is big bookshelf in my room. Then, I'll promise those 'mess' will never again appear in any corner under this roof.
Caught reading during work time.
What!? They didn't assign me any task for hours!
You guys have any spare change to donate towards this cause?


I was wondering what will happen to this blog once I go over to the UK? I mean, it has been 'sort of' abandoned before when I was working on my exams during college days. I believe the workload in Medicine is much bigger than A-levels. Will I stop blogging? 

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