Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Maximising Memories

"...we need to appreciate that our senses are not designed to record the world, but instead to make sense of it."

"leave pretty women to men devoid of imagination"

" It's an imaginative process where we actively discover meaning on the basis of prior knowledge. We only really perceive what we know how to perceive."

- The Importance of Obeservation, The Guardian, 15 January 2012. 

 when learning, it is best to continuously and cyclically review information as you go.

the ideal time to review a memory is just before you are about to forget it. 

your memory gets stronger with each review, the times at which you should review the information increase exponentially.

 it is often very helpful to review information you wish to remember just before you fall asleep. In the morning, what seemed complex and cloudy can appear surprisingly lucid.

- How to Improve Long-term Memory, Ed Cooke, The Guardian, 15 January 2012.

Tips to Maximising Memory:
Elaborative Processing 
Retrieval Practices

- How to maximise your memory, Jon Simons, The Guardian,  14 Janurary 2012

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